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-tDE- Blackdawn Skyclan Warrior by Allizia -tDE- Blackdawn Skyclan Warrior by Allizia
Thanks to *Elesette for drawing him, and to =Raqemo for his design
new: Blackdawn is getting a design change, so he will no longer be a tortie tom <3
Edit: History is finished, extra Information added

Common Knowledge


Previous Names
Alba | Dawn | Blackdawn

Male | Tom

2 Cycles 5 Moons

100% Somali



Mother: Charlotte (Pure)
Father(s): Pandora (Pure) & Odin (Mix)

Character Concept

Stat Points

Hunting: 3/25
Endurance: 9/25
Battle: 3/25
Speed: 6/25
Tactical Skills: 5/25
Jumping: 3/25

Total: 28

Point Balance: +28 | -28 | 0
Points Earned:
28 | Joining


Weak-willed | Forgetful* | Poised | Arrogant* | Romantic | Sweet | Clingy*
Traits marked with an asterisk ( * ) are traits that are susceptible to change as he remains in the clans

Blackdawn knows he has no physical traits, and as such, has a very low self esteem. This makes him very likely to end up following behind another, following their pawprints as he strives to be like them. He wants to prove himself a true warrior, but has no confidence that he can do so. He cannot land a strong hit, and has no muscle mass. His body size is mostly fluff.

A strange form of amnesia, this trait was caused by his moon alone. He has a strange disorder where he forget things at random. This can range from the taste of prey to who he himself is. His fits like this are random, and they usually last until something or someone jolts his memory. The best way to do this hasn't been discovered yet. Things that DO NOT work: Violence to his person | Shouting, Anger

He was raised and taught to be very elegant. His way of walking is almost a prance, his toes barely brushing the ground. This helps him keep a relative speed, and helps with his endurance. He speaks with an air of importance, and almost speaks as if he believes himself better than all else.

He was raised as a blue ribbon male, a purebred cat. He believes himself above others, though this trait and thoughts will be quickly stripped of him the longer he remains in the clan life. He doesn't like to believe he has flaws, and as such, tlks big about himself, almost as if he believes everything he says his own.

A true romantic, Blackdawn dreams of the day he will be able to name his kits, and lay beside a mate of his own. He flirts in a respectable manner, never going too far, and taking hints as they are given.

The dark pelted male has a kind side, which he shows to she-cats and those younger than him. He has a strange fear of males, so unless he has a close relationship with the male, they see only his top coat. He does wish for a family of his own one day, and when he is around females, acts overly nice if there is any hope of them one day bearing his kits.

Over the last moon or so, without the company of others, Blackdawn has developed a strange desire to be near other cats. He has a fear of being alone, so must always be beside or within sight of another feline. He prefers the company of the she-cat that rescued him, but he will settle for any warm feline body.


"We were going to be stars"

A purebred Somali and a purebred Somali. That's how the union should have been. That's how it was planned. To create a litter of purebred Somali kittens was the plan, but as most of you know, plans do not always go as well as hoped. Charlotte, my mother, told me the story of how she met our father's many times. Each time, it was always a little different. But the main details were always the same. She met Pandora when he was brought to her home, almost two and a half years ago. Pandora is my father, or rather, one of them. How is that possible, you might ask, but its simple really. Before my mother's pregnancy set in, she... coerced with another tom by the name of Odin. What breed he was, I'm not entirely sure. He was big, so maybe he had some somali in him as well, but he was definetely mixed. Mother met him months before she met Pandora, and as she has said many times, she knew he was the only cat for her. Apparently she was heart broken when she learned of our human's plans. But she had no choice. Pandora and her were to make kittens. If she hadn't met up with Odin that one night, maybe I wouldn't be who I am now. But she did, and when the litter of kittens were born, there were four of us. Two girls and two boys. One of those boys was I. I looked pure Somali. I was the perfect cat, a color on a tom-cat that wouldn't normally survive, but a clean check up showed I was special. One of my sisters, Rosa, looked like our mother. But the other two kittens, Cigna, our sister, and Falco, our brother, looked like a mix of our mother and Odin. Our humans weren't happy but they loved us all the same. Our lives had begun, our paths set for us. Like our mother before us, we were going to win it all.

"White is the color of innocence"

Our first few months of life were pretty much uneventful. We each found our personalities once our eyes opened, and we each began to pick our favorite. My favorite feline to be with was my sister. Cigna was born first, so she was the oldest. I looked up to her, and I envied her a little. Her pelt was so light colored, I loved it. Mine was dark, with what looked like the suns rays branching over my rear. That's how I was given my name, Alba. It means Dawn in Italian, you know? Anyway...My sister was amazing. I never really got along with Rosa or Falco. They were always so sad, or just plain depressing. But Cigna and I...we had fun. We made up our own games for when we were bored or one of us was upset. I remember one time after I had gotten scolded pretty bad for falling into the white paint our humans were putting on the walls. I left tracks everywhere. I had fun, but mother wasn't happy. I was put in solitude for a long time, but Cigna kept me company. She would make a sound, and I would repeat it right back. We were so good at mimicing the other, it always had me smiling by the end. I loved my sister, and she loved me. I loved all my family, and as we grew older, we were told of a trip we were taking. We were going with mother to her first show since having us!

"Three is the worst number possible"

We were three months old when we tagged along with mother to the show. She was doing so well, and everyone loved her. Our human let us out of the carrier, our collars showing where we belonged. Of course, if we were to stray, we would be taken back instantly, for we weren't allowed to wander. So we sat still, which, as you know, is very hard for kittens to do. But we managed this task, and we saw mother win the blue ribbon. Our human was so happy and went to collect the ribbon. She left us alone and unattended. That was the worst thing that could have happened. While our human was gone, the warmth that was my sister Cigna disappeared. I heard her cry, but when I turned around, she was gone. I cried out for her, I screamed her name, begged her to stop playing. My fear was overwhelming me, and the felines around the area all abandoned their humans to come to me, the crying scared little kitten. Mother was first to arrive, and she instantly knew what was wrong. We searched everywhere, our human right behind us. But by the end of the day, were were forced to leave, Cigna gone. I was devestated. It was just Rosa, Falco, and I. I felt so lonely. Three is company, but not for me. I wanted nothing to do with them. My life was split in two, for without my sister, I was alone.

"Sometimes you need a distraction"

I went three months without speaking, barely eating, and just being boring. Mother was worried, and then our human took me somewhere. I wasn't warned of what was going to happen, but at six months old, I was taken from my mother and family, and given to a new human. I didn't understand at first. Where was the furniture I loved? Where were the scents I knew? I didn't know this place, and I was scared. The human there was kind, and knew what had happened. Over the next month, he drew me out of my shell, and by seven months old, I was roughly back to my old self. This was when he began to prepare me for my life ahead. Time went on, and I was trained to be a show cat. Just like my mother. My colors were different, and I was perfect .Told this many a time, I began to believe it, and once I believed it, I blossomed as a show cat. I was only ten months old when I won my first ribbon. third place, but it was the first thing I had been successful at in a long time. I kept training, standing still for hours while I was examined, taught, and became the perfect show cat. I had all but forgotten my sister, though at night, I would still make those sounds, hoping to hear them mimicked back at me. By the time I was a year and four months old, I had accumulated a large number of blue ribbons, and I had cats lining up to bear my kits. I didn't want to though, remembering my mother's words. I needed that one true cat, the perfect feline for me. None of these she-cats were it. So I denied each and every one.

"Times can be hard, but you have to push through"

I'm not entirely sure why it happened, but around my two year birthday, my owner became fearful. He never took me outside, and my appearance at shows stopped. This upset me. I liked the attention. It was what I adored, what I deserved! I had heard that my mother would be at the next show, and I was determined to make it. Whether my owner was going or not. I had been driven to the show place so many times, I knew how to get there. So on the day of the show, I slipped out of the house, and took off for my destiny. I made it in one pieces, but by the time I got there, my fur was so dirty, so tangled, I was nothing more than a stray. Things were thrown, people were yelling, and as I turned to run, I saw her. My mother. She stood tall on her station, not even sparing a glance my way. I didn't see any of my siblings around. It seems I wasn't the only one who had been given away. I wandered the streets for the next day before my owner found me, and took me home. I was cleaned up, scolded, and then held close. A trip to the vet, a stab in my neck, and the feeling of something inside of me later, my owner finally felt better, and we resumed our shows. Two years, 3 months. That's how old I was when it happened. I have always hated dogs. They bark, yap and make you seem very undignified when you hiss back at them. So I should have seen it coming. But I was so focused on winning my 100th ribbon, I didn't even pay attention. I was an idiot.

"The twisting road to nowhere"

I stood tall on my stand, the jugde running his fat fingers through my fur, under my belly, across the bridge of my muzzle. And then, the stress in the room skyrocketed as every cat reacted the same way. A loud, unified hiss was heard as a large canine burst through the doors. A leash ran behind him, the sound of a human calling frantically for their free pet. I reacted as everyone else did. I ran. Not one cat stayed put as that mangy beast ran rampant around the showcase. Me and three other felines escaped through the still wide open doors, and that dog chased after us. Eight other cats inside, and it chased us four. We ran as fast as we could, knowing that the first to slow would be done for. The smallest cat scrambled up a tree, escaping easily. The other two ducked into a storm drain. But I was too fluffy to do so, and so vain about getting dirty. I kept running, ending up in a forest. I was terrified. The dog finally gave up, but I couldn't stop running. I had no idea where I was, what was going on. I almost fell headfirst into a giant crack in the ground. But I caught myself, just in time. Finally I took a look around. I had run so far. I was tired, and I barely made it into a hollow tree before collapsing, darkness surrounding me.

"Scared and alone"

For the next month, I was completely alone. I went from a life where I was pampered and adored to a life where surviving took effort and strength. These were things I did not have. The first couple days were the hardest. Have you ever experienced that feeling? Utter loss and fear? I did, and let me tell you, it was terrifying. I could feel myself wasting away. I had no food for days, maybe a week. I found water when it rained my first night, and that kept me going well enough. But I was hungry, hungrier than I had ever been. I never thought I would survive, but as the days went by, and I had yet to die, I allowed myself a sliver of hope. Maybe that's what screwed me over. I made myself believe I could find my way home. I was walking, looking for someone to help me, and I fell. Right into that crack I had avoided my first day. I didn't go all the way down, I landed on a ledge. But I twisted my paw, banged my head up pretty good, and when all was said and done, I was trapped on that ledge for the next week. Two weeks I had ben out on my own, and I was dying. No food, no water, feeling so weak, I wanted nothing more than to just sleep. But I knew well enough that sleep would not have worked. Finally, I was given some help in the form of a very roughed up looking feline. He helped me out of the gorge, gave me the rest of his food, a day dead rabbit, then left me alone. I was still scared, but for now at least I wouldn't die.

"It's the fear that kept me going"

I had been alone for three weeks now, and I had lost so much weight. I was going insane. I swear the trees were talking to m.e. I could hear the birds taunting me. I would be going someplace, then next momeny forget who I even was. This was the state I was in for the rest of my time alone. I was defenceless, and so it was only a matter of time before I was attacked. A large tom cat jumped me, claws sinking into my chest. He screamed at me, wanting to know what I was doing there. But I wasn't able to focus on him. I was sick, both in mind and body. I threw up, and he yelled some more. He stayed with me, trying to help me. I never knew his name, nor where he went. He struck me whenever I didn't listen to him. I think he was trying to teach me? But in the end, three days after he came, he went out to get food, and never came back. I don't know what happened to him, and truth be told, I can't even remember what he looked like. But that's my mind for you. I can't even remember why I'm telling you this, but I just...I know I have to tell someone. Four weeks. One entire month of being on my own. Every sound scared me, every scent made me hide. How I was still alive, I do not know. But I knew I wouldn't be soon. That last day, I was sprawled against a tree. I was so tired, so weak, I couldn't even stand without help. And there was no one around. I closed my eyes and waited for that final moment of peace. Instead, I heard the voice of an angel. A scent that was so familiar, and yet so hard for me to place entered my senses, and so I opened my eyes. Standing in front of me was a she-cat, so beautiful that I cannot explain. She reminded me of my long lost sister, but only for a moment, then I reacted the way any crazed cat would. I welcomed her to my grave, and then I passed out.

"A month, or moon, isn't enough to heal all scars"

I woke again a few times. Each time there was a heavy scent of plants, cats and that tantalizing scent from before. But each time I could barely moan before it went dark once more. I was told that I was asleep for four days before I woke up fully. When I woke, my fur was sticky, and covered in strange scents. The cat beside me, Nightfal, he introduced himself as, told me that I had so many infected scratches and cuts, it was a wonder I was still alive. I told him the reason, without any hesitation. I'm too scared to die He took it in stride, and over the next week, I slowly strengthened up. I learned I had been saved by the she-cat called Morningswan, and brought to a clan called Skyclan. The leader apparnetly wanted to see me, but was waiting until I was able to walk. This was a couple days later, and two weeks after I had been discovered, I stood in front of the large feline called Skystar. She looked down at me for m oment, and then a question was given to me. Would I be interested in remaining in Skyclan, to live as a warrior, to stay with the cats around me. I was explained the details over the next day befre I returned to give my answer. I had no other place to go, I was too scared to leave, and I owed my loyalty to the cats who had saved me. Skystar nodded, stripped me of my name, and gave upon me a new name. I guess she knew what Alba meant, or maybe it wa a coincedince. But the name I was given was Blackdawn, named for the black spots adorning my pelt, and the way my pelt looked like the sun was rising over the hills. I was proud of my name, and over the next two weeks I finished getting better. My personality began to rebuild, and I found myself working hard to stay beside the two cats who were the reason i was alive. I still have my fits, but Nightfall and Morningswan are helping me figure out how to stop them. I care about those two, and they are, hopefully, my best friends. I've never had a friend. I cannot screw this up. My story isn't over, but for now, that's all I can tell you, for even I do not know what comes next...




Mother Charlotte (Purebred)
Father(s) Odin (Mix) & Pandora (Pure)

Morningswan - ( Location - Skyclan ) | Roleplayed by *Elesette | Alive |
Rosa -( Location - Unknown ) | No Roleplayer | Status: Unknown |

Falco -( Location - Unknown ) | No Roleplayer | Status: Unknown |

Random Facts

:bulletblack: He carries mixed blood, but it is so thin that he is considered purebred
:bulletblack: He was intentionally bred as a tortoiseshell. He is not sterile, a mutation bred to achieve.
:bulletblack: He is not aware that Morningswan is his sister, nor does she know.
:bulletblack: He is physically weak, but tries very hard, and is self conscious about this fact

Sexual Information

Looking for
:bulletgreen: Lasting relationship
:bulletgreen: Quick Fling
:bulletgreen: Doesn't Know

Basic Information
Orientation Straight
Interest Always looking for someone
Crushes None Currently
Likes Skinny, Strong-willed, lighter fur, loving, dominant
Dislikes Weak, submissive, afraid, dumb



Roleplay Sample

Put your paws here, move your tail this way. Training lessons were hard, but how could he be a warrior of a clan if he didn't know how to fight? Blackdawn listened closely as Morningswan showed him for the third time how to perform the defencive move. He groaned, flicking an ear before copying her, move for move. He was so happy he had done it, that he nuzzled the female in front of him. He backed off instantly, looking away as his ears heated up. "S-sorry..." He muttered, then turned and left the training area, heading back to camp. He got there befor Morningswan did, and while he could see Nightfall wave his tail in greeting, he ignored the medicine cat and ducked into the warrior's den, curling up in his nest as he felt the all too familiar feeling creep over him, his vision dancing in front of his eyes, a groan slipping from his mouth. He was entering a fit, and he hoped he wasn't asked to do anything, for the outcome could be unpredictable. BLACKDAWN, BORDER PATROL A soft groan escaped as he climbed to wobbly paws. Fox dung...

Roleplay Details

FORUM Closed
CHATS Non existant
SKYPE Add me: Dawnstarxx


Art by *Elesette
Design bought from =Raqemo
TDE (c) *Elesette and ~DawnsComing
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