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-TDE- Applenose - Shadow Clan Warrior by Allizia -TDE- Applenose - Shadow Clan Warrior by Allizia
YAY! it loaded
Thanks to *Elesette for drawing her, and to =Raqemo for her design.
Design was slightly edited color wise to fit her breed more

Most inormation is complete!

Common Knowledge

Previous Names
She-cat | Female
3 Cycles 2 Moons
100% Arabian Mau
Mother: Aziza (Pure)
Father: Fatin (Pure)

Character Concept

Stat Points

Hunting: 3/25
Endurance: 7/25
Battle: 6/25
Speed: 7/25
Tactical Skills: 3/25
Stealth: 3/25

Total: 28

Point Balance: +28 | -28 | 0
Points Earned:
28 | Joining


Paranoid | Energetic | Kind | Loving | Hopeful | Fearful

Perhaps one of the main attributes of this feline would be her paranoia. With so many things having gone poorly in her life she has every right to constantly distrust everyone around her. When faced with someone new, she tends to stiffen up, and her actions become almost mechanical. With her communication trouble as it is, it makes her freak outs a lot more common. She cannot fully understand what one is doing or saying, and so she jumps to the worst conclusion. Her paranoia can cost her friendships at times, but she tries to work through it. May subside over time

As is natural for Applenose's breed of Arabian Mau's, she always has energy pent up in her paws. She has to be as active as possible, because the energy she has can build up over the period of a couple days and force her to do something that will exhaust her. So it is common to see her kneading the ground, and she has a habit of always trying to do something useful for the clan, in order to keep active and slowly eb away her energy.

Applenose was raised polietly, and as such, she cannot be rude to anyone she meets. Even when she is stuck in a paranoia attack, she manages to be completely nice. Deep down, she is a very kind feline, who never says a harsh word about anyone. If she is nearby when oothers are gossiping or being rude,she will either walk away, or speak up, in favor of being kinder. She does tend to scold those who are being very rude, for she believes that if you don't have something kind to say, don't say anything at all.

There comes a time when you become a mother, and your attitude changes. Applenose is very kind and caring, and she does have a severe mothering instinct. She is very caring to those younger than her and those in nas well as the fact that she does hope to one day find either her mate or another cat who could make her feel like he did, who could take the ppain of her past away from her.

Applenose is very hopeful of her future with the clans. She believes she will be here for the rest of her life, and she believes that one day, the hole in her heart will be healed. She isn't sure what she looking forward to the most, but she is very hopeful for the future. She wants to live as long as she can, in a way to keep her future looking bright.

Due to events in her past, Applenose has many fears. The communication gap keeps her form learning the basic stats about this world, which causes her fears to be higher than the normal cat. She is scared of many things. If she hadn't seen it before, she s scared of it. When she gets scared, she reacts normally, back arches, and eyes go wide. She does tend to stick close to whoever is near when she gets scared, and it is very obvious when she is experiencing this fear. Most times she will get scared over nothing, so the cats in her clan have to be patient with her.


:bulletyellow: Key points

"In the heat of the moment, love was stronger"

In the deep Middle East, within a large desert, two cat's met up. A fight over water, a scarce rarity in the harsh conditions, and neither cat seemed willing to back down. But they grew tired fast, and eventually, they shared the location. A small oasis in the middle of the sandy enviroment. They had no where else to go. And such is the story of how my parents met. It was by chance. So many other cats could have found those sacred waters, but Aziza and Fatin did. And the two desert cats got along. They got along so well that nothing could seperate them. After two months of living in that hidden sanctuary, Aziza was expecting. Fatin was very excited. He was a young male, and the thought of offspring was a wonderful concept to him. Aziza had some age on her, and she had a litter previously. Sadly, none of the kittens had survived, the conditions she had been living in were too rough. But this time, thigns were different. Fatin doted on Aziza as much as possible, and two months later, three little bundles of fur were brought into this harsh world. Zayna, Harun,and Rahi. They were a variety of colors, but Rahi's was the oddest. It was assumed that Fatin had a history of a calico or such in his background, but they didnt care. The three kittens were healthy, and the family was happy, living in their little oasis. Such is the life of the Arabian Maus. They are over a thousands years in the making, and they survive this harsh climate.

There was a moment, when the kittens were about a month old, just beginning to explore, when Fatin left the oasis to go search for something. Even Aziza didn't know what. But her mate never returned, and she had no real hope as the days went by. The kittens remembered their father, and they missed him very much. But time does go on, and when the kittens were three months, they couldn't even remember the way he looked. They lived with their mother, and they thought their little home untouchable. More cats had joined them, and their group grew. A single home in the midst of the desert. By the time the cats were five months, there were around fifteen other felines living in that oasis. It was crowded, but the kittens didn't otherwise know how to live. So they remained.

:bulletyellow: Rahi and her siblings are born
:bulletyellow: Fatin, Rahi's father, goes missing
:bulletyellow: Fifteen cats joined the oasis group

"The strong will survive in the harshest conditions"

The kittens were six months old when the sandstorm hit. They had never experienced such a thing, though many of the cats in their group had. They were scared, and when Aziza called for them to return to their nest, a small alcove hidden underneath a set of rocks, Rahi and Harun did not. They were frightened, and they, along with two other cats, were not fast enough to get under cover. The strong wind swept up the four cats, and they were stolen from their haven, and deposited far away by the end of the terrible ordeal. Rahi was lucky. Out of the four cats that had gotten caught up in the sandstorm, only one of them hadn't made it. The male was old, possibly nearing deaths door already, and the final drop had shocked the life right out of him. Rahi, Harun, and Kasib had made it. Kasib was a pure white Arabian Mau, not too much older than the two siblings. He was 9 months, and luckily, he had been well taught in survival in the desert. He lead the two younger cats until they found a large jutting rock, where they sheltered from the wind. He gave them tips, in case they got separated. But for the time being, the three cats were doing okay. A month passed and the three had become close, relying on each other for survival. Rahi had certainly become attached to the older male, while Harun saw him as a big brother. Kasib was kind, and he stuck beside them. He saved each cat more than once, and when Rahi and Harun were eight months old, it was their turn to repay the debt.

Kasib was hunting the elusive prey of the desert when Harun, being the lookout of this hunt, spotted the bird of prey in the distance. He called the warning, but he was just a hair too late. The predator had gone into a dive, aiming straight for the distracted Kasib. Rahi was close, and in a panic, she leapt up at the bird. She managed to tackle it right before its large talons closed on the older male. She was returned with a very painful strike to her side, but she ignored it. Kasib had recovered, and together, the two took down the bird. Harun's warning had given Rahi just enough time to react, and the two had saved the life of their friend. That moment was when the three were truly inseparable.

:bulletyellow: A sandstorm steals Rahi, Harun and Kasib from their home
:bulletyellow: Kasib vows to help the two siblings
:bulletyellow: Rahi and Harun save Kasib's life

"Loss of true love tears a feline in two"

It wasn't exactly a surprise when Rahi began to develop feelings for Kasib. He was the strong male in her life, and aside from her brother, the only choice for her. Nine months of age, she was a bit too young for love, and didn't fully understand it. Her mother had explained it just a little when Rahi had asked, but she was so young, the method of explanation was very simple to avoid confusing the young mind of a kitten. Time went by, and another storm came and went. Harun seperated from his sister, intent on returning to the oasis of their kithood. Rahi had no intention of doing so, and she and Kasib continued on their travel. She aged past a year, and finally admitted her feelings to her older companion. She was thrilled when Kasib declared his feelings in return. Her first heat cycle began shortly after, and when she was a year, she mated for the first time, and she and Kasib declared themselves for each other.

Their love continued for the next month, so when Rahi fell pregnant, Kasib was intent on finding a home for them. They traveled, and finally settled into a slightly inhabited location. This was the first time Rahi had ever seen humans, and for the next month, she met and interacted with many different humans. Kasib had seen them before, and he trusted them not to hurt the two cats. Rahi had faith in her mate, so didn't worry. But they should have worried. Rahi's due date wasn't far off when she was picked up by a human. Kasib was nearby, and at her screech, tried to defend his mate. Another human held him back while Rahi was put into a small box and loaded up into a loud machine. She cried out for her mate, scratching and yowling, but nothing could stop what was happening. A door closed, closing her off from her mate for the last time, and she felt the machine she was in vibrate, and she lost track of time. She never saw her mate again after that, and her voice eventually died, hoarse from her nonstop crying. Eventually she was loaded onto some other machine, and a day later, was let out of the box into a strange building, with scents completely unknown to the middle eastern feline.

:bulletyellow: Harun leaves Kasib and Rahi to return home
:bulletyellow: Kasib and Rahi become mates and Rahi becomes pregnant
:bulletyellow: Rahi is stolen and taken to a different country

"A new home, new fears"

The reason for her arrival was unknown to the young feline, but for the humans, it was simple. A black market for Arabian mau's was popular, and the concept of a pregnant female, heavy with purebred cats to be introduced to Englad was perfect. She was unaware that a few other cat's had been picked up as well, though her mate was taken to France, not England. She couldn't put up any fights. The ground beneath her paws was hard, and had holes. Her cage was small, but bigger than the box she had spent a day in. She could feel her kittens kicking, but she was determined to save them from this horrible place. She tried over the next couple of days to escape, but each time, she was found and returned to her cage. The day before she was due, she tried once more. This time, she waited until the humans had opened the door to change her food, though she never ate anyway. The dry pellets they gave were about as appetizing as the dung of the rodents in the desert, and smelled only slightly better. She quickly ran her claws across the face of the human male and darted out as fast as she could. She had surprise on her side, and somehow, she made it out of the door. She ran as much as she could, though it seemed like only a moment before she tired. She couldn't run anymore, her stomach was sending waves of pain throughout her body. The kittens were coming.

Rahi crawled into a bush, and let her natural instincts take over. An hour or so later, and with thankfully no interuptions, three small kittens suckled at her stomach. She knew this wasn't a safe place, she could smell and hear all of the dangers around her. But for now, she couldn't move. She was forced to remain solitary for the net couple of months, only moving to get food. Within two weeks, she was satisfied enough that she finally moved from her bush, taking her kittens further into the woods. She still didn't know this place, she was terrified of the wind, the grass, even the trees. Never before had she seen more than half of these things before, and everyday something new scared her. But she pressed on, she had new life to take care of. Her only connection to the love she and her mate shared.

:bulletyellow: Rahi escapes from her captivity
:bulletyellow: Rahi gives birth to three kittens

"Trust doesn't come naturally anymore"

Her kittens were three months old, able to learn basic things when she met her first cat in this new land. Communication on her part was very poor. She knew the native tongue of the cats in her home land, and the female's words struck no familiar cord. She tried, by golly she really tried to understand her. But it was for naught, and the female cat left her be. More time passed, and finally her kittens were able to begin learning. But it was very hard, for Rahi didn't know this world. This wasn't her land, she didn't have a place here. Her kittens were born and raised here, and by the time Rahi was a two years old, and her kittens 8 months, they were her lifeline. They spoke to the cats around, they lived their life, they helped her and they taught her how to survive. It was embarassing, but Rahi knew that she didn't belong here. She didn't trust anyone but her kittens, and over the next moon, she lost trust in them too. two of her kittens left her, moving off to join up with a couple of cats that lived in the area. She was left with her only son. He tried to stay beside her, but he was frustrated with her. He tried to teach her to speak, and finally, progress was made. As she learned, her fear slowly began to ebb away. Knowledge was power, and she wasn't so scared anymore.

:bulletyellow: A communication gap was discovered due to Rahi's native land
:bulletyellow: Two of her kittens leave, and the last begins to teach Rahi how to speak

"A friend can easily be an enemy in disguise"

Rahi was 2 years and 7 months old when her final kitten, now an adult at a year and 3 months, went his own way, leaving her to survive on her own once more. She still didn't know this place. She didn't trust anyone, and she sure as fox dung didn't know what to do next. So you can imagine her relief when she met a male named Riley, who seemed very interested in her. Riley was older than her, a good four years old. He didn't mind the gap in communication, seemed to prefer it. From what Rahi could understand, he claimed to have bad history where full understanding was a poor thing to have. She didn't fully understand this, but he stuck beside her. He seemed to have feelings for her, but his intentions were not as she thought when she first met him. Over the next few months, Riley abused her. Emotionally and physically. She was used as his prey finder, his stress reliever, his dummy. She didn't have a way out, she was defenseless. He brought her self esteem down low, he killed her spirit, he made her wish she was dead. The final time he took her was during her last heat cycle, when she was two years and ten months old. That was the day she broke free of his hold, and struck him down. That was the first time she ever killed a fellow cat, and she didn't like it. Her fear drove her. It was cold, the snow was heavy, and she took him by surprise. He was lazy, and didn't expect it. Soon the pure snow was stained red with his blood, and she ran. She was hungry, she was tired, she was sick and desperate. The blizzard had raged for days already, prey had been hard to find, and she would die if she didn't find help soon.

:bulletyellow: Riley finds Rahi, and offers to help her
:bulletyellow: Rahi is used by Riley for three months, and raped multiple times
:bulletyellow: Riley is killed by Rahi, who then flees, looking for help in the Great White Blizzard

"A final resting place, the home she was lookign for"

It was a day later when she was discovered by a small group of cats. They were patrolling or something, and the feline was half dead, frozen under a thin layer of snow where she had fallen the night before, after slipping off a tree branch. They took pity on her, the land scarce enough, and took her back to wherever they had come from. Rahi was holed up for a few days in a den, and when she finally broke the heat that had clouded her head, she was informed of her location, a place called Shadowclan. Why they had saved her, she didn't know. But when asked, she readily agreed. A home was what she needed, and this was where it was. Rahi was given a new name, Applenose, the Great White finally ended, and she began learning the customs of the clan. Information was thrown at her, but with her problems communication, it was slow. Frustrating as the gap was, she tried, and so she was given the benefit of the doubt. Four months passed, and she knew everything there was to learn. Three years and 4 months after her birth, hundreds, thousand of miles from her homeland, and she had a place to call home.

:bulletyellow: Shadowclan Patrol finds and saves Rahi who was slowly beginning to freeze to death
:bulletyellow: Rahi survives her fever and joins Shadowclan
:bulletyellow: Rahi takes the name Applenose and learns the ways of the clans, and becomes a true warrior of Shadowclan




{Mother} Aziza
{Father} Fatin

{ Zayna } | Location - Arabia | Healthy |

{ Harun } | Location - Arabia | Healthy |

* Open for Adoption
Comment if you are interested in adopting a kit to roleplay(they are adult age now)
*Two Males
*One female

Random Facts

:bulletred: Applenose has a communication block: She comes from the Middle East, so she has trouble understanding the language/phrases of the cats in the clans. She will mix 'english' and her native tongue most times. Arabic is her native tongue, but since it is hard to use that in roleplays, Afrikaans will be substituted. (But it is to be seen as arabic)
:bulletred: Due to paranoia, Applenose has issues getting close to others, so if you wish to have a romantic interest, you must work with me on how that would go

Sexual Information

Looking for
✔ Lasting relationship
✘ Quick Fling
✘ Doesn't Know

{Orientation} Straight

{Current Attractions} None

{Sexual Activity}
Riley Multiple times, last was 4 moons prior to joining Shadowclan
Kasib First, at 1 cycle + 2 moons



Roleplay Sample

Roleplay Details

FORUM Closed
CHATS Non existant
SKYPE Add me: Dawnstarxx Be sure to include your dA username


Art by *Elesette
Design bought from =Raqemo
TDE (c) *Elesette and ~DawnsComing
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