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December 28, 2012
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-oSaC- Quailstar by Allizia -oSaC- Quailstar by Allizia

{ | Identity | }

Name | Quailstar

Past Names | Quailkit - Quailpaw - Quailwhisker - Quailstar

Age | 38 Moons

Gender | Tom Cat

Breed | Burmilla x British Shorthair

Appearance | Average sized Tom cat with a white cover overtop of grey and brown tabby stripes. Brilliant blue eyes rest almost sunk into his head, and his fur is silky, yet semi long.

{ | Clan Information | }

Rank | Leader
Clan | Raggedclan

{ | Personal Information | }

Personality | { Patient | Intuitive | Confident | Trusting | Caring | Afraid | Harsh }

:bulletblue:Patient | While other cats may be quick to anger or to react to someone having trouble doing something, or being unable to get something right, Quailstar has always been good at keeping calm, and helping them work it out.

:bulletblue: Intuitive | Quailstar tends to be a good judge of character. He prides himself on taking time to get to know someone before he reacts, but usually his first instint tends to be the right one. This extends past just meeting someone.

:bulletblue: Confident | Never afraid to say what he means, this can sometimes be a bad trait of his, but for the most part, he does well. He knows his limits, and is confident that he will always know when to stop. Can also be seen as prideful

:bulletred: Trusting | A bad trait to have as he tends to follow his instinct, meaning he trusts himself completely. If his instinct says that someone is to be trusted, he does so. Which means that feline can get close to him or his clan, and gain the upperpaw.

:bulletblue: Caring | You will never hear one say he doesn't take care of his clan, and those he loves. He puts everyone else's happiness and health above his own. This stems from a past event when he was a warrior, but that will be explained later. (In his ref if accepted)

:bulletred: Afraid | Quailstar is afraid of confrontations. He will do almost anything to avoid a fight. This can be seen as a weakness, and it is. He would rather talk things out than take them to tooth and claw. If pushed he will fight, but he prefers not to. Again, caused by his past.

:bulletred: Harsh | It's common sense that felines, no matter how careful, make mistakes. Quailstar is no different. If his patience, though it is long, runs out, he can have a bad temper. He doesn't get angry often, but when he does, its bad news for anyone around him. So if you see him get angry, be careful.

History |          Will be edited after groups history is out
               Straight from the heartKithood
Quailkit was born to a normal life, alongside his sister Peacekit, and his brother, Ripplekit. Ripplekit was a sick kit, a calico tom, and he died only a few days after he was born. Daisyheart, Quailkit's mother, had no hope he would survive. Quailkit and Peacekit grew up happily, loved by their parent's and taken care of by their clan. They were loving kits, and as such, they got along with all of their clanmates. They were out of the nursery from the moment they could walk and run, and all of their clanmates watched over them. His life was pretty uneventful during his kithood, usual playing, getting into trouble, and making friends. Then he became an apprentice.
               What a snakeApprentice ship
Quailpaw became an apprentice alongside his sister, and when he stood to recieve his mentor, he was excited. But he was given the worst mentor possible. His mentor was Brazenheart. This tom was 45 moons, and always in a bad mood. Peacepaw was given Rosewhistle, a sweet and gentle she-cat. Suited to her personality, Peacepaw and her mentor got along perfectly. But Brazenheart and Quailpaw seemed to be at each others throats. Daisyheart returned to the warriors den, but her and Quailpaw's father seperated, no longer mates after a fight over Quailpaw's future. Daisyheart wanted a different mentor for her only son, expecially after one particular training session when Quailpaw returned with claw marks on his shoulder. Though he denied it, it happened because Brazenheart insisted on unsheathed claws durning battle training. Snakeskin approved of the rough methods, while Daisyheart didn't. Quailpaw felt like it was his fault his parents hated each other, so he began trying to prove that he was fine. He became rougher, growing stronger and by the time his final assessment came, he was more like his father and mentor than he would have liked to be.
               Heart of the volcanoYoung Warrior
Quailwhisker was a strong cat, even at 13 moons when he became a warrior. He watched his sister fall for a tom, and his instinct told him this tom cat was a bad cat. He should have listened sooner, maybe he could have prevented it. At the time, Daisyheart fell ill.. Due to her age, she was said to be unable to fight the sickness, and was retired to the elder's den. Peaceswipe and Quailwhisker began to drift apart, much to Quailwhisker's dismay. Ghoststride, Peaceswipe's love interest, showed her no attention, but that didn't stop her. Quailwhisker knew no love as he worked to become the best warrior ever. He finished growing at 16 moons, and full grown he was about the average size of a warrior, but muscular. His fur hid his muscles, making him seem bulky. His old mentor, Brazenheart died at the hands of a Tidal Clan patrol, after he tresspassed, attempting to hunt on their territory. Quailwhisker didn't mourn his mentor, he had begun to realize that his previous method was terrible. He had no friends anymore, and watching his sister, he began to feel jealous. He opened himself up, and as he began to grow more confident, more caring, he began to notice she-cats. By the time he was 22 moons, Peaceswipe and Ghoststride had become mates. He had no idea how that happened, but he once again had a bad feeling. He again ignored it. He took notice of Heronstrike, a younger warrior, about 17 moons. He courted her, and at 25 moons, she bore him a litter of 4 kits, Brazenkit, named after his mentor, Brightkit, Cloverkit, and Fawnkit.
               Betrayal and DeathSeasoned Warrior
Quailwhisker was a seasoned warrior at 27 moons, leading patrols, and already he had surpassed almost all other members of his clan. He was still weaker than the deputy, the leader, and his father, but other than that, he was stronger. He watched his kits grow, filled with joy and love. He stayed nearby, being an influence in his kits life, unlike his own father was to him. Peaceswipe and Ghoststride were also a family now, with their own kits. But soon, terrible things began to happen. Every moon or so, one of the apprentices or warriors would go missing. Snakeskin and Ghoststride were always in the patrols to search for them, which struck Quailwhisker as odd. The warrior spoke to Gooseneck, the deputy, and they followed them one day. Snakeskin had come to visit his neices and nephews and had offered to take Cloverkit out for some air. Heronstrike, overwhelmed and tired, had agreed, in an attempt to get some peace and quiet. Quailwhisker was scared. He got his sister to go with him and the deputy and off they went. Sure enough, he was right to finally trust his instinct. He found Snakeskin and Ghoststride out in the woods. There was signs of past fights, and Quailwhisker was horrified by the sight. His little girl lay, sliced open, at his father's paws. Blood adorned the muzzles of both tom cats, and the evidence around them showed that this wasn't the first time this had happened. Snakeskin and Ghoststride were traitors, cannibals! Gooseneck gave the order, and the three attacked the two warriors. Gooseneck and Quailwhisker ganged up on Snakeskin, as he was stronger than either one alone. Peaceswipe attacked her own mate. She was torn apart inside, fighting her love. But she couldn't take what he had done. Quailwhisker and Gooseneck won agaist Snakeskin, and he fell, dead, from lack of blood. Quailwhisker turned to see how his sister was faring, but was meet with a terrible sight. Ghoststride had her neck in his jaws. He was staring at Quailwhisker, who lunged to help, but he was too slow. Ghoststride bit down, putting all the force he could. He broke through the skin, and Quailwhisker screamed as he watched the life drain from his sister's eyes. Gooseneck tried to stop him, but Quailwhisker broke away and attacked Ghoststride. Quailwhisker had anger on his side, and Ghoststride was torn apart. The two stood in the little clearing, hidden, almost outside of Ragged Clan territory, and Quailwhisker screamed to the sky, letting out his anger, his sadness, his feelings. Gooseneck led him back to camp, where they had to explain what had happened.
               Rise above RankWarrior to Deputy
His sister's kits were too young to be left without parents, so Heronstrike and Quailwhisker took in the two kits. This brought their own total to five, having lost Cloverkit. The two mourned the lost life of their little girl, but life went on. Gooseneck and Quailwhisker spent time together, trying to understand why the two toms had done what they did. But they could find no answer. Time passed, but the two never forgot. When Quailwhisker was 30 moons, the current leader lost his last life, and Gooseneck rose in rank, becoming goosestar. It was unknown who would become deputy, so Quailwhisker was shocked when he was appointed deputy. His name was called with happiness, and he stood proud. When he was 31 moons, and his kits became apprentices, Gooseneck lost his first life. Taken by Greencough. But it was just one life, no harm done. But it was terrible times, and a terrible season. Seven more lives lost, leaving Goosestar with only one by the time Quailwhisker was only 36 moons. Quailwhisker continued searching for the reasons behind his father's and his sisters mate actions. This brought a thought to his head, and he found himself at the dark forest portal. Speaking with the gatekeeper, he wished for a visit, to ask himself. He was allowed to speak, but not to his father. It was Ghoststride who was summoned forth to speak to him. Hatred clouded his vision as the tom who his sister had fallen for laughed in his face. Ghoststride then went on to talk, just talk. He spoke of how cats had been eating cats for seasons, to absorb their strength. He spoke of the glory, when one has the strength of ten cats, and could rule them all. He and Snakeskin had aimed for that, but Quailwhisker had the potential. He could become the best of all cats, rise above them all, alongside his love! But Quailwhisker didn't want that. He cried out, calling him a liar. He thanked Wretchedheart, the gatekeeper, and left, heading back to camp. He spoke nothing of his visit to anyone, but it weighed on his mind.
              In the dark of the nightDeputy
Quailwhisker was suspicious. Ghoststride had said alongside his mate. But Heronstrike would never. He would surely never tell her. He went to visit her the next day, to ask her about strange dreams. But he never got the chance. He found her outside camp with their kits. Now warriors, they had gone out to hunt together, as a family. Or so they had been told. When Quailwhisker got there, he found Heronstrike had Duckfeather, their adopted son, pinned under her claws, mouth on his throat. Ferretdaze, their adopted daughter, was already on the ground, a large hole in his neck. It looked like Heronstrike had ripped his throat out. It was no surprise the other warriors were huddled together, terrified. Quailwhisker had to make a quick decision, and he did. He didn't want to be slow like he had last time it counted. Leaping forwards, he shoved Heronstrike off of his adopted daughter, and the two rolled on the ground. They wreastled for what seemed like ages. In the end, he pinned her. She snarled at him, ssaying it was all his fault. They could have been great together, but he had to be weak, he had to live his life under others. She tried to bite at his neck, and he placed a paw on her's preventing movement. She laughed at him, calling him a pathetic excuse for a deputy. She said his father was so much better than him. Quailwhisker grew angry, and yelled at her, demanding to know why she did this, how she knew. What he learned struck him to the core. She knew for a long time. Her mother had been with Snakeskin previously, and had been told of it. Hating it, her mother had left Snakeskin, who then mated with Daisyheart. Heronstrikes mother told Heronkit as a scary story, to warn her of the male. But it did the opposite to the young she-cat. She loved the idea, and as an apprentice to snakeskin, sought the truth. She grew up with this concept in her head. The only reason she wasn't with the two toms that fateful day was because she had kits to care for. She had sacrificed her daughter to feed her father in law, to help him gain strngth. She KNEW what would happen. Quailwhisker screamed at her, but in his fury, lost grip. She leapt up and aimed a killing blow. Quailwhisker reacted and in turn delivered his own killing blow. His was an accident, but he couldn't take it back. His mate, having betrayed him, lay dead at his paws. His kits pressed against him, he returned to camp, with something to inform their leader.
               Life in the stars...Leader | Current
Quailwhisker became leader barely 2 moons later, when Gooseneck lost his very last life to an infected wound. Starclan seemed to not want Gooseneck as leader, but why no one knew. Quailstar gained his nine lives and took his new name. He vowed to keep a close eye on his clan, and was determined to never let something happen underneath his nose again.
                              Will be updated with Roleplays

{ | Family | }
     Close Loved Ones
               Mate | Heronstrike Killed by Quailstar - None
               Mother | Daisyheart - Elder NPC
               Father | Snakeskin Killed by Quailstar/Gooseneck

               Sister | Peaceswipe Mated to Ghoststride | Killed by Ghoststride
               Brother | Ripplekit Died days after birth
               Toms |
                         Duckfeather *Sparrow-puff | Adopted
                         Brazenwind =SeekingLucidity
               She-Cats |
                         Brighthunter :devsnowybutts:
                         Cloverkit Died at 4 Moons | Killed by Snakeskin/Ghoststride
                         Fawnleap ~foreverneon
                         Ferretdaze Killed by Heronstrike | <subAdopted

{ | Specials/Specifics | }
:star: Quailstar is a decendant from British specific breeds, and as such, he carries a British accent. (I apologize if it offends, I am not british, so I don't know the correct way to write an accent)
:star: Though he doesn't have it on him at all times, there is the occasional time when you may see a heron feather in his possesion. If its not on him, then it is in the leader's den, safe out of harms way. He is attached to this feather, for it reminds him of his mate before she betrayed him.

{ | Relationships | }
:bulletblack: Enemy
:bulletblue: Friend
:bulletgreen: Best Friend
:bulletorange: Aquaintince
:bulletpurple: Family
:bulletpink: Crush
:bulletpink::bulletpink: Love
:heart: Mate
:bulletred: Dislike
:bulletwhite: Unsure
:bulletwhite::bulletwhite: Dead
* Past Feelings

:heart: | :bulletwhite::bulletwhite: | :bulletred: Heronstrike } "Why did you do it, my dear? We could have been a family!"

:bulletred: | :bulletwhite::bulletwhite: | :bulletpurple: Snakeskin } "It's not that I hated my da, I mean, we barely talked. But I never felt safe around him. It wasn't right. I was wrong to ignore my instincts, he was a traitor, and I am glad he is out of my families lives now."

{ | RP Example | }

:bulletwhite: oSaC | Quailwhisker(star)
Quailwhisker flicked his ears, head held high. Standing at the base of the Leader's Perch, he was awaiting the name of his apprentice. Skystar had told him he would be given his first apprentice this go round, so he waited anxiously. Would it be Bark-kit? The ambitious tom kit was always trying to practive moves he had yet to be shown. Or Rosekit, the meek she-kit who showed potention in hunting rather than fighting? He was excited, but as an older warrior, he knew better than to be jittery on his toes, so stood still. He smiled as the two kits stepped forwards, and he bowed his head to his leader as his name was called. Listening closely, he purred when he was given Rosekit as an apprentice. Stepping forwards, Quailwhisker touched his nose to his apprentice, now Rosepaw. "You'll do great, don't worry" He whispered as he stood beside her, watching as her brother was given Quailwhisker's sister as a mentor. The two littermates were mentors together, with brother and sister apprentices. Quailwhisker felt pride surge through him, and he felt confident Rosepaw was going to become an amazing warrior by the time her training was through.

:bulletgreen: CotN | Oakstar

:bulletyellow: WVS | Finchpaw

Group (c) =KellzFire + ~Zaabu
Ref Sheet base (c) =KellzFire
Quailstar + art (c) *Allizia

{ | Art of Quailstar | }

By Me

By Others


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