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December 31, 2012
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-oSaC- Ghoststride by Allizia -oSaC- Ghoststride by Allizia
A future kitty for :iconofstarsandclans:
He is my Dark Forest kitteh. Bad boy.
Wanted to get him drawn and posted. Will update with information in an hour or so.

redrawing him since i have time, more practice :3


{ | Identity | }

Name | Ghoststride

Past Names | Ghostkit - Ghostpaw - Ghoststride

Age | 37 Moons at Death

Gender | Tom Cat

Breed |
Appearance | A pelt dark as his heart keeps this tom warm. Darker stripeds barely visible along his main joints, with a few white splotches on his back, tail and face. His paws look like they were dipped in white paint. His left ear is missing some of its flesh, while he has scars alongside his pelt, rememberence of his last few moons of life. He is skinny, almost too skinny, an unhealthy diet having made him so.

{ | Clan Information | }

Rank | Warrior at Death
Clan | Raggedclan Dark Forest

{ | Personal Information | }

Personality | { Rough | Coarse | Rude | Impatient | Dedicated | Loyal }

Rough |

Coarse |

Rude |

Impatient |

Dedicated |

Loyal |

History |          
                         Whisper of life
Ghostkit was born into a life already clouded by hate. His father was with another she-cat, and had gotten Echolily, Ghostkit's mother, pregnant accidently, during a fling the two had. When she became pregnant, Firebrazen denied any relation, and remained with his mate at the time. But it was obvious when the kits were born who their father was. Not because of Ghostkit, he bore no resemblance to his parents. Accordingly, he was told he looked like his great grandpa, and was named as a ghost of her life. But his two brothers looked so much like Firebrazen he was unable to deny them. Owlkit and Sablekit were both red tabby toms, and Sablekit even had the same white on his chest that FireBrazen did. Because of the litter, Firebrazen lost his mate, and was forced to interact with his kits. But he showed no love towards them. He aimed to make them perfect warriors, the perfect echo of his own self. Ghostkit envies his brothers, for they didn't have to deal with his father as he did. His brothers were sick from day one. They survived 2 moons, which surpassed the medicine cat's odds, but they both passed away before they saw their third moon. Ghostkit was left, a shadow of ancestors past, and looked down upon as the worst of the three. While he had been the strongest kit, he was the least like his father. He was kind, caring, and wanted to be beside his mother at all times. He never frowned, and never showed anything but love towards his family. Firebrazen saw this as weakness, and after his brothers death, spent more time with his friend, Snakeskin, than with his kit. Ghostkit found a new friend in Peacekit, the daughter of his mother's bestfriend, Daisyheart. Peacekit and Ghostkit played almost every day, along with Quailkit. The three were friends, with no thoughts of anything other than becoming warriors together.
                         Wrong path
Ghostkit watched Peacepaw and Quailpaw gain a mentor a moon before he did, but he held no hard feelings for them. They were older. He waited patiently for his day to come. Finally it did. When Ghostkit stepped up to recieve his mentor, he was confused to see his father standing as well. Much to his horror, his father was assigned his mentor. He followed ceremony, but after begged the leader to reconsider, but his pleas were ignored. Begrudgingly he began training. His father, however, was easier on him than he had expected. On his first day out, he and his father joined Snakeskin and a fellow apprentice, Heronpaw to see the territory. Ghostpaw was a bit confused by Heronpaw, she seemed a bit mean, but looked so sweet. That day, Ghostkit was introduced to a terrible truth. His father and Snakeskin showed the two apprentices something terrible. They had found a kit abandoned near the base of the volcano. No one knew where it had come from, truth be told, they probably stole it from somewhere, but Ghostpaw never asked. He was scared to know at the time. They pinned the kit down, and forced Ghostpaw to watch as they slaughtered it. The tiny toms cries hit his ears like a badger, clawing at his heart. Heronpaw didn't move, she had seen it before. Not only did they kill it, they ate it! Ghostpaw couldn't help it, he threw up when they did so. They even thanked starclan for the strength it gave them! He turned and ran, trying to get back to camp. He had to tell someone what they did. Before he got too far, he was slammed to the ground and pinned there. Eyes wide, he stared up at the furious face of his father. Crying, he was force fed a bit of the kit, and his muzzle was covered until he swallowed. Firebrazen allowed his son to sit up as he cried out, and once he had caught his breath, made him that starclan. Hiccuping, Ghostpaw was warned that i he told anyone about it, he would be sacrificed to give them strength. He agreed, and the group cleaned up in a stream then headed back to camp. No one was the wiser. Ghostpaw had a terrible nightmare that night, and found himself seeking out the one he trusted more than anyone, Peacepaw. The two slept in the same nest that night, and Peacepaw never asked why.
                         Ghost of love
As moons past, Ghostpaw found himself beginning to see Peacepaw in a different light. Every time she returned from a patrol with her mentor, he felt his heart swell with pride. He smiled brightly at her, and once, he even brushed his tail against her soft pelt. His father saw this happen, and that day they went out hunting. After they had caught a large enough amount of prey, they headed back home. Suddenly Ghostpaw's legs were swept from under him, and he felt teeth bite into his ear. Letting out a yowl, he tried to lash out at his attacker, but he was pinned from behind. He soon realized it was his father who had him in his jaws. He felt real pain that day, as his ear was torn by the jaws of his own flesh and blood. He was scorned for showing feelings, and beaten senseless. Before they returned to camp, they found a fox's hole and made sure the scent on Ghostpaw pointed to that. They went back, and the next day a patrol was sent out for the fox that had never attacked. Ghostpaw went silent, staying away from Peacepaw and everyone else. He distanced himself, hatred growing in his heart. He knew only one solution. If what his father had told him was true, he would absorb enough cat's strengths to kill his father. As they grew, much to Ghostpaw's surprise, Peacepaw showed interest in him. He ignored it, and soon all the apprentices became warriors. Ghoststride tried to ignore his feelings, but he was unable to. He cared for Peaceswipe. She was strong and amazing. Suddenly, he felt his heart grow cold. He wanted to be with her forever. So he would make sure they were. He would make her apart of him, no matter what. He told his father of his plan, and the two began spending time together, around the same time he and Peaceswipe became mates.
At 24 moons old, His mate bore him two tiny kits, Ferretkit and Duck-kit. Ferretkit was just like his own brothers, sickly, and fragile. Ghoststride knew she would be of no use to him. But Duck-kit, from day one he cried with the lungs of a warrior. He had high hopes for his son. Peaceswipe's brother had a mate, none other than Heronstrike, as well as four kits of their own. Each one was strong, and Ghoststride knew Heronstrikes plans. Firebrazen had passed away recently, due to an 'accident' Ghoststride was the only one there when the badger had ripped out his fathers throat, and no one could fight his story. He had finally won over his father. Snakeskin and Ghoststride became closer. Best for the mate to spend time with his mate's father, yes? When his kits were 2moons old, he went to Heronstrike, asking a favor. He needed a reason to bring his mate to him. It was time to make her apart of him. She denied him, now was not the time. So Ghoststride left the camp. He found an apprentice left alone in the territory, keeping an eye out for a patrol, he guessed. The apprentice had no idea what his her, and soo her blood smeared the muzzle of the warrior. He stood tall, blood plastered against his face. Amazed by the taste he had been missing, he knew he couldn't go without again. Over the next two moons, he repeated the act. Mostly apprentices or newer warriors, but never more than one at once. After four more cat's sacrificed their strengths to help him grow, he once again went to Heronstrike. He didn't even have to speak. Her kits were all asleep, save for one. Cloverkit, a sweet girl with bright blue eyes watched him happily. "Uncle Ghoststride!" She called, and bounded up to him. He offered her the chance to go outside of camp, and she readily agreed. Snakeskin went with him and the two walked out to their clearing on the edge of Raggedclan territory.
                         Redemption, failed
Cloverkit tried to fight them, bless her soul, but there was no way she could have survived. As she ran, Ghoststride smacked her with a paw, tossing her into a rock. She lay stunned but alive as he bit her tail off, chewing and swallowing. The torture continued, until she finally died from blood loss and overall damage. As Ghoststride chewed another bite, he heard a snap. Right on time. Turning, he spotted Quailwhisker, Gooseneck, and Peaceswipe. He hadn't planned for the deputy, but apparently Snakeskin had. He leapt forwards, fighting off the two toms, while Peaceswipe went for him. He could see the hesitation in her attacks, the betrayal in her eyes. They fought, equally matched, till finally he had her down by his paws. Laying down, he begged her to forgive him. "I wanted to be closer to you, I worry we are drifting apart. We could be great, you and I. Please Peaceswipe, I love you." She didn't buy it. She broke free and this time her attack was full of hate, all her feelings into her last blow. But it wasn't enough. Her neck was soon in his jaws, and as he looked up, wanting to see the look on Quailwhisker's face, his wish was granted. He stared right into the tom's eyes as he bit down. Peaceswipe's death cry was muffled and garbled as blood welled up into her throat. She died quickly, and as he let his mate's bloody and mangled body fall to the ground, he finally noticed his partner was not fighting anymore.
                         End of the line                        
Snakeskin was dead, his life taken by his own son. Ghoststride felt fear for the first time in a long time. All his plans, all the scenarios he had come up with, none of them included this option. Quailwhisker wasn't supposed to be this strong! He leapt forwards as Quailwhisker lunged for his throat. The two toms fought, each one aiming death blows each time. Pure hatred was on Quailwhisker's side, while absolute anger was on Ghost's. The fight seemed to go on for days, but in truth, it was only a matter of minutes. Ghoststride didn't even feel the blow that ended his life, he thought the warrior had missed. But he felt his legs go numb, and he no longer was able to stand up. A deep blow on his neck had drained him of blood, and he died with eyes still full of anger, staring at his hated enemy.
A whole new world
When he opened his eyes to find a new place around him, he assumed he had been saved and was healing, exiled from RaggedClan. But as he stood, he found his wounds were gone. Looking around, he didn't recognize anything. He wandered around for a moment till he finally realized where he was. He had gone to the Dark Forest. Looking around, he tried to find someone he knew, but there was no hope. He was alone, exiled to a life worse than death. A whole new world, where his hatred and anger only had room to grow.
More to come with Roleplays

{ | Family | }
     Close Loved Ones
               Mate | Peaceswipe Murdered by Ghoststride
               Mother | Echolily
               Father | FireBrazen

               Brother |
               Brother |
               Toms |
                         Duckfeather | *Sparrow-puff | Adopted by Quailwhisker
               She-Cats |
                         Ferretdaze | Murdered by Heronstrike

{ | Relationships | }
:bulletblack: Enemy
:bulletblue: Friend
:bulletgreen: Best Friend
:bulletorange: Aquaintince
:bulletpurple: Family
:bulletpink: Crush
:bulletpink::bulletpink: Love
:heart: Mate
:bulletred: Dislike
:bulletwhite: Unsure
:bulletwhite::bulletwhite: Dead
* Past Feelings

:heart: | :bulletwhite::bulletwhite: | :bulletred: Peaceswipe } "You bore my kits, and thats all you were ever good for! You failed me once, my son better survive! You were nothing more to me than the means for gaining an heir. I am glad I shall never see you again! Your life should have supplied me with unlimited strength."

{ | RP Example | }

:bulletwhite: oSaC | Quailwhisker(star)
Quailwhisker flicked his ears, head held high. Standing at the base of the Leader's Perch, he was awaiting the name of his apprentice. Skystar had told him he would be given his first apprentice this go round, so he waited anxiously. Would it be Bark-kit? The ambitious tom kit was always trying to practive moves he had yet to be shown. Or Rosekit, the meek she-kit who showed potention in hunting rather than fighting? He was excited, but as an older warrior, he knew better than to be jittery on his toes, so stood still. He smiled as the two kits stepped forwards, and he bowed his head to his leader as his name was called. Listening closely, he purred when he was given Rosekit as an apprentice. Stepping forwards, Quailwhisker touched his nose to his apprentice, now Rosepaw. "You'll do great, don't worry" He whispered as he stood beside her, watching as her brother was given Quailwhisker's sister as a mentor. The two littermates were mentors together, with brother and sister apprentices. Quailwhisker felt pride surge through him, and he felt confident Rosepaw was going to become an amazing warrior by the time her training was through.

:bulletgreen: CotN | Oakstar

:bulletyellow: WVS | Finchpaw

Group (c) =Kelvali + ~Zaabu
Ref Sheet base (c) =Kelvali
Ghoststride + art (c) *Allizia
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