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February 10, 2013
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-oSaC- Brinekit Application Sheet by Allizia -oSaC- Brinekit Application Sheet by Allizia
3rd OC for #OfStarsAndClans Costs 200 stones for a 3rd character
Runningfire x Paleclaw kit
Layout created using a few different methods, makes for easy access

Basic Information

     {Name} Brinekit | Brinepaw | Brineshrimp
     {Gender} Tom
     :new:{Age} 4 Moons (Ignore what it says on the ref)
     {Clan} TidalClan
     {Rank} Kit

In Depth Information

          Mother | American Longhair x Siamese
          Father | American Longhair Mix

          Length | Medium on body, long fluffy tail
          Texture | Silky and Thick
          Colors | Shades of Brown and Shades of ginger, main white base
          Appearance | White base is coupled with brown splotches.
                              Gradient dark to light brown with almost black stripes across the color.
                              A ginger tail and ginger fur on the insides of his ears complete the look of this cat.

     {Physical Features}
          Eyes | Left eye is a light green, Right eye is a light blue
          Ears | Normal sized with a pointed tip
          Nose | A light pink color
          Scars | None
          Tail | Large, very fluffy, mostly ginger in color with dark stripes
          Legs/Paws | Mostly white with brown patches and stripes
                             Paw pads same color as nose 

Personal Information


          | Cautious | Protective | Caring | Friendly | Neat/Organized | Jumpy |

All traits subject to change as he grows up and events take place

          Good Traits
               Protective - Brinekit strives to protect those smaller or weaker than himself. Mainly this just includes his littermates, but as he grows up, this trait will no doubt only get stronger. Will get stronger over time
               Caring - Brinekit strives to do the best he can for anyone that asks of it. He likes to find out if anyone needs something an deliver on that need, be it fetching something or getting a tick. He's happy to do it. 75% chance to remain the same
               Friendly - A smile is never not on this cat's face. He puts his best paw forwards when speaking with someone. He may not be the first to talk, but he is always respectful and kind when doing so. He acts grown up sometimes. Will never change

          Bad Traits
               Cautious - For a little kit, Brinekit sure pays attention to every little detail. He is overly worried about everything, always considering the possibilities that something terrible could happen. This trait was caused by the incident when he was only a small kit.May fade over time
               Jumpy - Since the cave in of the nursery, Brinekit finds himself unable to sit still. He has to move, and any small sound will cause him to get scared. An easy way to describe him may be a scaredy cat, but its not as extreme. He is mostly jumpy of noises and a few other things, not everything like a scaredy cat tends to be.May fade over time

          Either Way Traits
               Neat/Organized - Mostly seen as a good thing, Brinekit needs everything to be where it should be. Useful if he were to become a med cat apprentices, but as a warrior, this trait doesn't exactly help. He is OCD which causes this trait. It can be troublesome as he can't always control himself, and at times cannot keep from fixing something up.Always going to remain the same


          A normal family with a normal beginning, Brinekit was born near the end of Greenleaf alongside his two siblings. His brother Ripkit was a bit wild compared to the other tom-kit. Brinekit was born first, only a few moments older than Ripkit and their sister Kelpkit. Ripkit was the youngest and the smallest, and because of that, Brinekit couldn't help but feel protective over him, and his sister. They had another sister, from a previous litter of their parents. Ivorypaw was special, chosen for something greater than anything else. Brinekit looked up to her, but it didn't change how he was. The three kits, when together, could get into a good sized chunk of trouble.

          This occurred one day when Ripkit decided that it would be a great idea to try to sneak out of the nursery. Brinekit knew it wasn't a good idea, and he tried to get his siblings to change their mind. Kelpkit was all too willing to go along with the plan, but Brinekit was worried about it. He even warned his mother that there may be trouble soon. She just laughed and took it as a joke. There was no way they could get past her, she must have assumed her son, being very worried about everything around him, just had a nightmare of some sorts.

          Later that same day, Ripkit and Kelpkit made their way through the small hole at the back of the nursery while Runningfire was out getting something to eat. Brinekit hung back, hoping that their mother would come in time to stop them. What if they got caught? As he finally stepped forwards, taking trust that everything would be okay, there was a rumbling sound. The three kits went still, looking around. It was only a moment later when the den above them collapsed. Brinekit let out a screech as his siblings were buried underneath the rubble. A few pieces of rock rained down on him, causing him to jump and run away, out of range of any more. He stood, eyes wide as his parents rushed past him. They frantically worked to pull his siblings out, leaving Brinekit to stare, helpless. As he watched his parents struggle to find and free his brother and sister, he felt jaws close on his scruff. As he was dragged away, he didn't recognize the scent or the cat at first, and it wasn't until they were outside of the den and the cat was licking his head that he realized the cat was Kindlestep. He found himself shocked, and as he stood there, listening to all the commotion, the cat kept grooming him, whispering comforting words to the little kit. It took a while, but when his mother came out, followed by his father, he was somewhat calmer. His siter asnd brother were taken to the medicine cat den, and he was left with his parents.

          A couple moons passed, and everything went back to normal. Brinekit helped Ripkit out, helping him learn to alk, to run, and to do everything without a tail. Now there are only two moons left before they can become apprentices, and the three kits are preparing themselves for the new step in their life. Kelpkit remains in the medicine den, still recovering from the cave collapse, but the two other kits hope she will rejoin them soon.

Part of your world

               Mother | Runningfire | TidalClan | NPC
               Father | Paleclaw | TidalClan | NPC
               Sister | Ivorypaw | TidalClan | *KitsaniCat
               Sister | Kelpkit | TidalClan | =KellzFire
               Brother | Ripkit | TidalClan | *Zaabu
               Uncle | Swiftstar | TidalClan | =Jayflop



:bulletgreen::bulletgreen: Admiration
:bulletpurple: Family
:bulletwhite: Uncertainty
:bulletyellow: Aquaintence
:bulletblue: Friend
:bulletblue::bulletblue: Best Friend
:bulletorange: Crush
:bulletpink: Love
:bulletgreen: Respect
:bulletred: Enemy
:bulletblack: Dead

     ~ :bulletpurple:/:bulletpink: | Paleclaw & Runningfire | "Two fine warriors, and my momma and papa. They love us, and I know I love them with all my heart."

     ~ :bulletpurple:/:bulletgreen: | Swiftstar | " I know he is busy being leader and all, but he is my uncle. He comes to visit us in the nursery a buunch, and he is really cool!"

     ~ :bulletpurple:/:bulletred: | Ivorypaw | "She's our big sister! She's already an apprentice, and she is so cool. I want to be just like her and papa, and momma and uncle when I get bigger, all strong and cool!"

     ~ :bulletpurple:/:bulletred: | Kelpkit & Ripkit | "My littermates are braver than me. I'm older but I don't think it matters, it was only a few moments. They are so strong, but I still want to make sure they don't get hurt like they did before again. I'll protect them. They are my family, after all."

     ~ :bulletgreen:/:bulletgreen::bulletgreen: | Kindlestep | "Our medicine cat...he was the only one who noticed me the day of the cave in. I know I wasn't hurt, but no one else even checked me over. He did, and he was so nice. He made brother and sister all better again, and for that, I am happy. He is the most awesomest, amazingest cat ever!"

Those little tidbits

          - Although he is the biggest kit of the litter now, his growth will stop midway through his apprentice ship
          - Brinekit is the oldest, but he is the shyest and he rarely speaks unless spoken to, as a way of being extra careful
          - Brinekit doesn't know it just yet, but he will be attracted to both genders, he won't care. Maybe it runs in the family? He doesn't judge anyone on small things.
          - Brinekit has a variety of fears, all brough on by the cave in in the nursery
          - Brinekit has a facination with plants and anything shiny. Under the moss in his nest tends to be a small stash of things that fit this nature. Flowers, shells, etc.
          - Brinekit has a case of OCD. He has to make things neat and organized, and his fur needs to be perfect. He flips out if the smallest thing isn't just right.

          Soft things (Feathers, fresh moss, thick fur)
          Greenleaf (Warmth, butterflies, flowers, etc)
          Bugs (he'll save them, but won't go out of his way or anything)
          Shiny things (Shells, smooth stones, etc)

          Sand (Terrible thing when you basically live on a beach)
          Snakes (Terrified)
          Being Alone (Another fear)
          Rocks (They aren't very pretty)
          Small spaces (Fear. Make shim panic and hyperventilate)

Design (c) *Fates-Exile
Art (c) *Allizia
oSaC (c) :devkellsfire: & *Zaabu
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