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November 1, 2013
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TGL | Frozenheart | Warrior of Streamclan by Allizia TGL | Frozenheart | Warrior of Streamclan by Allizia
:new:Ignore the name on the ref, gotta change that. Below is her name
Looking for someone to roleplay her past crush/love. He was her first, but now they do not talk. Comment if interested. Would take the place of Flamepaw/Flamefur in her history


| Name | Frozenheart
Prefix || Given for the look of her fur, many shades of ice and snow
Suffix || given to compliment the prefix, and as a sort of mockery of her lack of concern

| Age | 2 season cycles + 9 moons
| Gender | Female
| Appearance |
Breed } Chantilly ( 50%) + Cornish Rex (?? % ) + American Short Hair (?? %)
Size } Slightly Smaller than Average

| Fur |
Length }  Thick around her neck/upper belly, shorter elsewhere
Texture } Silky

| Special Features |
Disabilities/Scars } Right ear torn, three small scars under left eye. Left iris/pupil is smaller than normal due to underlying damage under her skin.
Mutations } None


| Clan | Streamclan
| Rank | Warrior
| Mentor | Ashmask
| Apprentice | None
| Stats |
Defence } :bulletblue::bulletblue::bulletblue::bulletblue::bulletblue::bulletwhite::bulletwhite::bulletwhite::bulletwhite::bulletwhite:
Speed } :bulletblue::bulletblue::bulletblue::bulletwhite::bulletwhite::bulletwhite::bulletwhite::bulletwhite::bulletwhite::bulletwhite:
Endurance } :bulletblue::bulletblue::bulletblue::bulletwhite::bulletwhite::bulletwhite::bulletwhite::bulletwhite::bulletwhite::bulletwhite:
Tactical Skills }  :bulletblue::bulletblue::bulletblue::bulletblue::bulletwhite::bulletwhite::bulletwhite::bulletwhite::bulletwhite::bulletwhite:
Attack } :bulletblue::bulletblue::bulletblue::bulletblue::bulletblue::bulletwhite::bulletwhite::bulletwhite::bulletwhite::bulletwhite:


| Traits |
| Discreet | Brave + Reckless | Playful | Childish | Emotional + Unsure | Eidetic |

:bulletblue: - positive
:bulletblack: - neutral
:bulletred: - negative

:bulletred:/:bulletblack:Emotional + Unsure
Not a trait that's very well known, Frozenheart keeps all things to herself. Her fears, her loves, her wishes, her hopes and her dreams. She keeps her emotions under lock and key. Her outgoing nature isn't a mask, rather its an outlet. All her sadness is twisted into energy, which is then used for her daily tasks. But when her shell, her transfiguration key is broken, when she is cracked, all those emotions come pouring out, rather than changed. She can go from stoic to angry in a matter of seconds, all it takes is a trigger. Don't be her trigger. She doesn't know how to deal with everyday issues, raised with no close family to talk to most of her short life so far. She has no knowledge of some key things, like dealing with boys, and how a girl should act.

:bulletblue:/:bulletred:Playful + Childish
For someone who became an adult with almost no family, she longs to have fun. She will challenge others to competitions, race along the territory, and act an age she should have outgrown seasons ago. She doesn't know how someone her age and rank should act, nor would she want to anyway. She wants to have fun, and she wants to have friends. She will accept any challenge given to her if it poses an element of fun, or danger. This can turn bad, real quick.

Frozenheart has what is called an Eidetic Memory, or Total recall. Otherwise known as photographic memory. It was a lot stronger when she was a kit, but as she grew, it started to fade. Since she felt alone, she has been training herself in secret, and now has regained that ability. She can remember something she saw for quite a long while after it occured, and with great detail as well. It only takes one time before this she-cat knows exactly how to do something. This helps when fighting enemies, for she can use their own moves against them, as well as when hunting, since knowing the territory down to the last rock can be a huge asset.

Don't tell Frozenheart your secrets. She won't tell anyone, no. That's not why. She just doesn't want to know. To this cat, all she needs to know is the basic information. Your name, age, clan, and thats it. Anything else, anything you'd have to ask questions to find out, she doesn't care about. To ask questions is to invade the privacy of others, and Frozenheart refuses to do that. It's rude, and if there is one thing this cat is not, it is rude. She is happy to know the surface information, and will never delve into anyone's business.

:bulletblue:/:bulletred:Brave + Reckless
Almost always classified as irresponsible, Frozenheart will be the first to volunteer for a dangerous duty. She will be the most likely candidate to suggest a stupid idea, and she is the number one cause of harm to herself. She has been known to do stupid stuff, and for a simple reason. She doesn't fear death. Everyone dies, and to this she-cat, there is no point in being alive if you stay hidden in the shadows. Go out, live your life. Take a risk, break some rules, have fun. She is brave, and will gladly give her life for a clanmate, and will risk herself to save anyone else. Bravery is a good trait to have, but when combined with stupidty, and lack of self-preservation, it is a dangerous one to have. Frozenheart needs someone to watch out for her, because she will not do it.

| Extra Factoids |
Fun Facts } Frozenheart refuses to back down from a challenge, as long as that challenge makes sense. She has done many things due to being challenged
Habits } A habit of Frozenheart's is to go off into dreamworld, while awake. She becomes amused by the simplest things. Fog while breathing in the cold, a leaf blown by her paws.
Fears } Storms, Badgers, Living life in Hiding

| Sexuals |
Sexual Oriantation } Heterosexual
Preference } Males, Strong, Brave, Tabby(tabby-like) Green or Yellow Eyes, Strong, Muscular
Likes } Cold, Snow, Mice, Water Fowl, Feathers
Hates } Heat, Storms, Rain, Bugs
Odd Turn Ons This is a small section listing anything that most cats would either hate or find bad. Things that turn this she-cat on, and explains why
Abuse - Because of the lack of attention she got when younger, abuse to her physical person actually turns this cat on, but only when done by someone of interest, and not overly done
Anger - When anger is used to show one's intent, this cat gets hot and bothered
Berries - Who knows, but the scent makes her fur tingle

Current Attractions
None Right Now

Sexual History
:bulletyellow: = Minor Happenings
:bulletorange: = Has been sexually active with
:bulletred: = Regretted

[ Name || Age || Clan || :bullet: ]

{ Flamefur || 3 cycles || Streamclan || :bulletorange:/:bulletred: I lost my virginity to this cat. He challenged me, and I accepted. Do I regret it? Not really. I won that challenge. But still, I'm a bit unsure. Should I have waited? He was my closest friend. This changed things...If you have a male Streamclan warrior and want to be this cat, then let me know! Information will be changed for whoever signs up

Looking for
✔ a lasting relationship.
✔ a short fling.
✘ doesn't really know

| Relationships |


Kithood: Chill in the night
Frozenheart was born half-clan. Her mother was a loner by the name of Bird, or Birdy. She was small, and she was bearing the kittens of a young warrior of Streamclan, Tallear. He had promised to be with her when the time came for the kittens to arrive, but no one could predict the future. Birdy sheltered herself in the roots of a large tree as it grew darker and darker. When the spasm of her body settled, the moon was a small object high in the sky. Two small bundles wriggled at the queen's belly, looking for their first meal.

The weather that night was terrible, and it wasn't until the next morning that Birdy was visited by her mate. The storm, made up of wind and rain, had prevented him from leaving his camp. Until then, she was left to shelter the two kittens alone. One kitten was quiet, and right away, Birdy was worried for him. He appeared mute, possibly deaf, and so her attention was mostly focused on him. The other kitten, a small white-grey kitten, was loud, and making herself known. She crawled over her brother, again and again, each time being moved back to where she was while Birdy nudged at the tom. When Tallear finally arrived, they began to think on names, as well as how the kittens would grow. They could easily stay with Birdy, who would raise them, teach them how to survive, or they could return with Tallear, where safety came in numbers, and life came with automatic protection. Finally, Birdy made her decision. "The life of a clan cat isn't for me, but imagine safety would be perfect for our little tom, he's to weak to travel with me, and the she-cat she's fierce  I imagine she'd grow to love a life where she was trained to be strong" Tallear felt for his mate, but was happy knowing she would still be around the territory. After that talk, they started to decide on names.

The male was hard to name, and the new parents spent more time naming him, coming up with a name for him than for the she-cat, who was deemed Frost, or in Tallear's world, Frozenkit, named for her white toned pelt and the cold that had accompanied the birth. As she would soon become accustomed to, more attention was given to her brother. It took awhile, and it was only by chance that he spoke when he did. A storm broke out, and just as the rain hit the ground, the little tom mewled, earning him the name Rain, or Rainkit. The same storm that gave him his name, caused a permanent fear of storms in his sister. She screamed, and was hushed by the parents. The two kits were taken back to Streamclan, where their mother was kept secret, but Tallear made sure it was known he was the father. A foster mother was appointed, and the two kits began their life as Streamclan cats. Frozenkit had your average kithood after that, spending a lot of time horsing around with her denmates, and play fighting. As she got older, she began to show her strengths. Tallear revealed to her and Rainkit the truth about their mother, and the fact it was a secret. At first, Frozenkit was excited to see her mother, but after the very first, of many, meetings with her, she had decided she was not impressed. The life Birdy chose to live seemed dull to the young she-cat, and whenever she and Rainkit were around, no attention was given to her. She felt left out, and even though Birdy gave advice to both kits, she didn't feel as loved as Rainkit did.

Apprenticeship: Growing Pains
Like most kits, the little she-kit had dreams of growing into the best warrior the clan had ever seen. Like most kits, she was severly excited for her apprentice ceremony, and she gossiped about who her mentor would be. She hoped for the best warrior of the clan to be her mentor. She was very impressive, and her outgoing nature had a few different cats wanting to be the mentor of the firely little feline. When the day came, she watched her brother be paired with their very own father. This irked her more than it should have, the idea of her family moving away from her etching deeper into her mind. She didn't focus on it long, for a few moments later, Ashmask was named as her mentor, and her brother and her's names were being called by every feline in the camp. Frozenpaw and Rainpaw, newest apprentices of Streamclan.

She spoke a tough game, but when it came time to prove herself, she fell, and she fell hard. All the skills she thought she had as a kit proved wrong as time after time she failed. Test after test. By the time she was 8 moons, she was at the bottom of the food chain, one of the worst apprentices in the clan. She went to her mother during this time, between the periods that Rainpaw did. She wanted the comfort of her mother, encouragement to do better. She wanted the mother-daughter relationship her denmates had with their mother. She was disappointed, however. Whenever she went, the first thing out of Birdy's mouth was always about Rainpaw. How was he, did he learn anything new today. This started to get underneath Frozenpaw's skin, and soon, she stopped visiting altogether. She doubted her mother even knew. Her relationship with her father wasn't as bad, it was average for a father and a female child.

When her and her brother were 9 moons old, Rainpaw became just as bad as Frozenpaw, and soon, worse. He was abcent almost every day, and everyone started to notice. He asked her a few times to visit with him, to help nurse their mother back to health. She went once, she did love her. Birdy didn't even see her. So she didn't go back. Eventually, Rainpaw returned to his training. But by then, Frozenpaw had already started to distance herself from her family, and had begun to form her own path. She had friends, she even had a couple crushes on her fellow apprentices. One of them was a bit more advanced than others, with an apprentice named Flamepaw. He was her rival in the clan. He was one of the top apprentices, and compared to Frozenpaw, he was the best anywhere.

When Frozenpaw's brother finally returned to his training, Flamepaw had been giving Frozenpaw some tips and tutoring her. She was no longer on the bottom. She was a step above the bottom, who, at this point, was none other than her brother himself. The training session was going well for her. She was seperated from her brother while he trained with Flamepaw. Frozenpaw was in the hollow with them, but she was training defence moves with Ashmask, who stepped out for a second to speak with the other mentors. In that split second, the rustic, metallic smell of blood reached Frozenpaw's nose, and the splash of red clouded her vision. In the session between her brother and Flamepaw, Flamepaw had unsheathed his claws and struck her brother's muzzle. Anger flooded the she-cat, and she rushed forwards. Flying past her brother who looked on in shock, she tackled Flamepaw, knocking him to the ground. What seemed like hours later, a strong force seperated the two apprentices. Tallear stood in front of the two apprentices, while Rainpaw stared on in horror. Frozenpaw's sight was blurry, blood covering her face, rushing into her eye. She was able to make out the form of her brother as he turned and ran. She knew where he was going, but before she could follow, her angry father dragged her and Flamepaw to the Medicine Cat's den.

It took a moon for Frozenpaw's eye to heal up to the best it would be, leaving her with a few small scars under her eye. On the surface, the damage healed fine. But the damage under her skin was irreversible, and her left eye was damaged. Tendons or muscles had been severed, nerves damaged, and her left eye had shrunk. The iris, and with it the pupil, had been somehow shrunk. Even the medicine cat couldn't fully explain it, but they did know she was lucky she could see out of that eye at all. Visibility in her eye was now permanantly blurred, and her left eye constantly sensitive to light, though that would come and go. Her right ear was tattered. Her fellow apprentice, Flamepaw, took just as much time to heal, bearing a few scars of his own from her claws. She expected him to be angry, but instead, the older apprentice was impressed with her abilities.

During the time Frozenpaw was in the medicine cat den, she tried multiple tomes to speak with her brother. She had believed she was helping when she defended him, but as days turned into weeks, she began to realize he was mad at her. After she had been in the medicine cat den for two weeks, and hadn't seen Rainpaw once, she decided to stop trying. Tallear visited a couple of times, but he was disappointed in his daughter, or rather her actions. He treated her differently, and Frozenpaw started to come to a conclusion. Based on the way Tallear was acting, the lack of attention from Birdy whenever she visited, and Rainpaw's refusal to speak to her, Frozenpaw concluded that she had been removed from the family. Her own family. It struck her, and it upset her. For the next two weeks while she finished healing, she got close to Flamepaw.

After they healed, Flamepaw and Frozenpaw returned to training. They were both at the bottom, but they worked together, and by the time Frozenpaw was 1 cycle + 2 moons, she was one of the better apprentices. Flamepaw had already become a warrior, Flamefur, about a month ago. Due to being held back a month in her own training, Frozenpaw still had about a month left. She attended the ceremony for her brother, when he gained his warrior name, Raineyes. But she didn't call his name, she didnt congratulate him. She kept her distance, and once the ceremony had ended, went back to training.

Her final assesment was at one cycle + 3 moons, and her hunting skills surpassed the required, while her battle skills were slightly above average. Her ceremony was that afternoon, and she finally earned her warrior name, Frozenheart.

Warriorship: The story unfolds
In the cycle and a half since her warrior name was earned, Frozenheart has be about. She earned her place in Streamclan, and she earned the attention of a few warriors. Most stayed away, her eye scaring them off. But one was always by her side. Flamefur was her best friend, and the one male she loved with all her heart. She wanted to talk to someone about it, but it was something you spoke to your mother about.

During a small snow storm, she finally went out to talk to her mother. Birdy was with Tallear at the time, and Raineyes was there as well. Frozenheart walked up as Tallear and Birdy were in a heated arguement. She could tell Raineyes was stunned, just watching them. Frozenheart stayed back, only stepping forward when Talear's paw came up, cutting across Birdy's cheek. A few small red drops hit the ground as Birdy turned, facing her kits. Frozenheart stepped forwards, but as usual, she wasn't noticed. Birdy only had eyes for Raineyes, who she promised to return to, before turning and running off. Tallear left, returning to camp, leaving the two siblings staring at the now empty place. Frozenheart stared at her brother, and her mouth opened, wanting to talk. As she did that, Raineyes turned away from her. She left then, returning to camp.

Alone, she went to the one person she trusted. Flamefur and Frozenheart took a walk, talking about random things. Finally, they started challenging each other to do stupid things. Mostly funny things such as eat a wad of snow, or roll in muck. During a play fight, fFrozenheart slipped, Flamefur standing over her. One more challenge was put forth, and Frozenheart was surprsed. A cat she had crushed on for over two years was challenging her to do something she, admittedly, had thought about. She stepped up to the challenge, but afterwards, things between them were different.

Flamefur and Frozenheart's friendship disolved, and Frozenheart became alone once more. She acoomidated this feeling by acting out, and acting as young as she wished she was. She still hasn't made up with her brother, but her feelings for Flamefur are gone, taken just as easily as he took her innocence. She is a clean slate, with a story waiting to be written.

Father } Tallear
Mother } Birdy
Foster-mother } OPEN FOR ADOPTION 
Brother }  Rainyes


| Plotting | Meme to come
Rating | Open to any rating, from PG -> Mature
Methods | Notes -> Skype ->Chats | Comments are ALWAYS closed.
| Time Zone | Eastern Standard Time [ GMT+5 ]
| Roleplay Sample | I dun wanna, I write good long time ;;If you want another, I can provide one haha

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