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March 19, 2013
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-TDE- Thunderstar by Allizia -TDE- Thunderstar by Allizia

Common Knowledge

5 Cycles + 2 Moon 62 Moons
50% Somali 25% Burmilla 15% Norweigian Forest Cat 5% Colorpoint 5% Mix
Mother: Viola (Kittypet)
Father: Rocket (Rogue)

Character Concept


Medium Body size, very muscular. Appears fat due to his fluffy fur but muscles are hidden underneath
Very fluffy fur. Thickest on his chest, head and tail. Water repelling topcoat, coarse undercoat
Semi-long to Long depending on the part of his body you inspect
Unique looking cheek fur, common ears, very broad structure.
Gently curved top, Chin and nose roughly straight
Profile mostly straight

Stat Points

Hunting: 7/25
Endurance: 7/25
Battle: 9/25
Speed: 7/25
Tactical Skills: 7/25
Resistance: 7/25

Total: 44

Point Balance: +44 | -44 | 0
Points Earned:
44 | Joining


Committed | Regal | Doubtful | Forced Optimism | Over-analyst | Warm | Thick-Skinned

Don't give up, it will come to you
Loyal and brave, Thunderstar is absolutely focused on keeping his clan alive and healthy. He is committed to doing everything in the right way, and to the best of his abilities. He encourages others to continue, and his patiences allows him to remain focused on the important tasks, keeping the drama and non-pressing issues in the rear.

Respect is something earned, not begged for
The way he speaks, the way he holds himself, and his attitude just makes him seem like he could have been a king or something similar. He walks with his head held high, almost as if he is proud of himself. His very precence demands respect from those around him, and he expects it. His appearance can silence the whispers of those nearby, while his gaze can freeze a cat in their tracks.

This is too good to be true
Coupled with his habit of thinking too much, he has developed a bad habit of doubting almost everything he discovers. It is not that he doesn't trust others, he does, as long as he knows them, it's that he doesn't believe somehing good can come so easily, and in the back of his mind, expects that. He always looks for the good, and if he fails that, his focus will be clouded by doubt.

Forced Optimism
Focus on the good, it will outweigh the bad
Thunderstar forces himself to find the good in everything. A badger killed a cat, well now they know there is a badger in the area. A clanmate died of an illness, now they know there is a beter way to treat it. He is an optimist, to the exreme. If he can't find something good on the surface, he keeps scratching till he does. A diamond in the rough, that's what everything is to him. There is always something good there, and this tom-cat sruggles to find it, to bring it to the light. If unable to find something good, he will sink into a depression that can last as little as a couple moments, to weeks.

We can learn something from everything
If there is something in front of him, Thunderstar will study it. He wants to know everything about anything. Its not a compulsion, he can just walk by. But he lives in a world where he thinks that there is something to be learned from everything around him.

We have to consider how the kits would react to this
Thunderstar is very considerate of others. He thinks about the well-being of his clanmates, and will put himself last if needed. He is loyal, and caring. He prefers spending time with the company of others rather than himself, and is the type of cat you would expect to have a family.

Sticks and stones, hunny, sticks and stones
Words will never make this cat angry. They will never hurt his feelings unless it is from someone close to him. He will always be able to shrug off insults and jabs, but he will rarely retaliate. To err is normal, to forgive is best. He doesn't hold grudges, always believing it was for the best. He is able to stand and be yelled at without flinching, he will wait until the other has worn themelves out before he speaks. Now, take it to claws, and see where that leads. It is not good.


Just a fling doesn't end with kits
Viola was a kittypet, a purebred Somali, very pretty, a slim and agile she-cat who lived in a small town. She was iven a collar with her name etched on it, and free reign of the lands. She considered her garden her territory, and protected it well. She had many a run in with a stray or two, always leaving them with scars while she stood victorious. This was how she met Rocket. Rocket was a mixed breed, the result of a breeder's carelessness with his females. A purebred had gotten out, and mated with a stray. Returning, she gave birth to three cats. Two died because the breeder hated them, while the third was allowed to live, and given a new home when 2 moons old. Rocket was a mix of Burmilla and Tonkinese, and who knows what else. He was the feline version of a mutt. But his features were pleasing to look at, and so when he encountered Viola in her garden, and was scared off, Viola found herself wondering if he would return. He did, entranced by the she-cat's actions, strangth and attitude. She didn't let anything get in her way. He returned often, spending countless hours at her side. Soon they became mates, and Viola was happy. Her heat came one day, and Rocket couldn't help himself. Over the next week, they performed the mating act so many times, it was no surprise when a month passed and Viola was contained indoors, to prepare for her birthing time. Rocket often came to wait, and soon was given a collar of his own, 'adopted' by Viola's two-legs. He allowed this, for he was then able to witness the birth of his kits.

Birth brings new challenges
Viola's labor was hard, and one kitten died during it, but the other three survived. Two looked like the mother, while the third bore markings and features of both cats, a pure mix of the two. This tom was named Thunder, the other two Storm and Tempest. All three were male, and Rocket couldn't be happier. As the time came for the kits to be adopted out, Viola had the duty of informing her mate of this fact. Rocket was horrified. In his world, a family stuck together. Soon the kits were 2 moons, and Tempest and Storm found homes, renamed by their new two-legs. But no one wanted a cat that looked mix, and a moon passed, Thunder still unclaimed. Viola felt terrible, and one day helped Rocket out of his collar. Take him. Keep him safe, and let him grow Rocket couldn't believe his mate was telling him to leave. He soon discovered why. Viola had become sick, diagnosed with something the cat's didn't understand. She knew she wouldn't live much longer, and wanted her son to be happy. So the two males said their goodbyes, and late that night, stole out of the garden. Three moons went by, and Rocket one day returned to that garden, only to discover a different cat behind the fence. When he jumped that wooden barrier, the cat ran, hiding inside the house. A weak little she-cat, Rocket wasn't impressed. He knew what it meant, Viola was gone. He returned to his son, and they moved camp, taking their home elsewhere.

Abandonment is sometimes welcome
When Thunder was a year, Rocket fell for another feline by the name of Rabbit. He still cared for his son, bt the female didn't. She managed to convince Rocket that Thunder was holding him back, nothing but trouble. When thunder tried to defend himself, the talk became violent, and Rocket and Rabbit left the young male bleeding and alone in the woods. Scarred and afraid, Thunder forced himself to see the brighter side. He was in control now, he made his own decisions. All ties to his family gone, he began taking care of himself, and it was only a year later tht he was strong, with a new cat by his side. The little russian blue called himself Stone, claiming to be unyielding. Thunder welcomed him, and the two became close. Stone saw him as a big brother, and hunder saw stone as his little brother. If his father hadn't left him, he would not have found this friend.

Strength comes with age
It was a calm before a storm. For a year Thunder and Stone lived well. Not always happy, even brother's fight, but healthy. They fought off rogues who attacked, each gaining strength as time went on. By the time Thunder was 3 cycles, and Stone 2 cycles, they were known around the area. As such, more cat's sought out Thunder for his protection. Most were kittypets who had lost their way or home, a feW strays and one or two loners. Thunder welcomed them all, and he soon had a little band of around 10 cats following him and Stone. This was both good and bad. It meant they needed to relocate, but it also helped keep them safe. Thunder was a born leader, he was stronger than his followers, and they seemed to show him respect no matter what. He was soon almost 4 season cycles when the fighting in the area escalated, and cats began falling. Thunder and Stone stood tall, unafraid as they fought alongside their friends. Slightly older than 4 season cycles, and a final battle occured. Cats lay around Thunder and Stone, most of their friends having been slaughtered. Four other cats stood, each with someone to support them. Wind, River, Shadow, and Sky all wished to be leader, and Thunder knew he was the one for the job. But when he spoke as such, he was denied. The star washed cats made them a deal, and a month later, Thunder gained eight more lives, and he became Thunderstar, leader of Thunderclan.

With age comes responsibilities
Stone, newly named Stoneheart, was chosen as Thunderstar's deputy. He was the best cat for the job, having been with the older male for years now. The two moved around, finding and welcoming cat's such as themselves into the clan. Soon Thunderclan took shape, and cat's used to the thick trees and undergrowth found their home. THings were getting better. Kits were born, apprentice's named, and Thunderclan was healthy. But trouble came in the form of an ex-warrior. Stoneheart was struck down by rogues, and Thunderstar was broken. He tried to find the good, struggled with this for a moon, but couldn't. It was a year since the clans were formed, a deputy was needed, and Thunderstar was having trouble picking one. He had known Stoneheart for years, who else had that kind of bond with him? No one, and his decision was put off until he finally chose....



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TokalaSoul Aug 7, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
Wow~! Love his design~! Handsome one he is uwu
Allizia Aug 7, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Thunderstar approves of this message ;3
TokalaSoul Aug 7, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
I would think he would eue~<3
Hello~! ;c; I made a apprentice for Windclan that's a female and it seems that the Apprentice spots are all filled since she is a female. I talked to the group leader about it and she told me to ask you if I could move her to your clan. Is it alright..? ono
Allizia Jun 17, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Im going to have to say no for a few reasons. 1) thunderclan needs males, not females, and 2) You dont have an application ready to go for me to read over anyway 3) You told Elesette that you had an application and upon inspection of your gallery, it appears you told a slight fib as I see no such thing ^^;
I didn't know that I needed to upload my application sheet unu And I do have it.. I just needed to know which clan I could put her in before I uploaded it.. ono Would you like for me to upload it or..? ;;
Allizia Jun 17, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Well, the main thing is that thunder is full on females, we need males ;u;
ono Darn.. Um.. ;n; I guess I'll wait, Had the ref ready.. >u<
PawZee May 20, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I need the detailed appearances for Viola and Rocket, could you please give them to me? c:
Allizia May 20, 2013  Student Digital Artist
they were never met by anyone else, so they dont have appearances. They were both way out of his life (viola is dead) by the time he met anyone else. :3
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