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March 19, 2013
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-TDE- Artemis Reference Sheet by Allizia -TDE- Artemis Reference Sheet by Allizia

Common Knowledge

Artemis Sarae to all who are not close
Arty Only to those he completely trusts or idolizes
2 Cycles + 1 Moon 25 Moons
100% Oriental Shorthair
Mother: Russian's Zena (Pure)
Father: Russian's Zeus (Pure)

Join Date:
Join Reason: Having been attacked and left for dead, He joined Howard after he helped save his life. He stays due to his feelings for the male and his similar views

Character Concept


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Endurance |
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Aloof | Tactical/Wise | Controlled | Obedient | Silent | Skeptic | Perfectionist | Private

Artemis has no interest in the lives of those around him. He prefers to be alone or with those he trusts. He hates feeling crowded, and will leave if more than 4 cats are around him. This is partly because of his past, and partly just because its how he is. He is very distant, and while this may seem repeated in later traits, it is different. He is a cold fish, with no interest in she-cats or anything else.

After moons of working out the best paths to take, methods for hunting, and places to live, it is no surprise that the male has a better knowledge than most on appropriate tactical skills and concepts. He forms plans easily and quickly, anazlyzing his surroundings and the circumstances with ease. Strategy is his best skill, and he is proud of it.

This feline's emotions are held tight to his body. It is rare to see him smiling or to see him lose his temper. He never gets angry and he doesn't show sadness. His emotions are completely stable, and he has them under utter control. If he doesn't want to appear upset, then he will be neutral. If he doesn't want to be happy, then he will be neutral. This makes him seem cold, and maybe he is. He doesn't let his emotions control his actions. By controling his emotions, he is better able to analyze situations.

If a cat has earned Artemis's complete and utter respect, then he will obey them. There is only one cat he will obey 100%, his 'master' and leader, Howard, or Howl. He followed orders once before by cat's he hated, and it bit him in the rear. He doesn't listen to instructions given by those younger than him or those beneath him. He will take in suggestions and opinions, but he will never follow the rules or orders of someone he doesn't approve of.

Artemis keeps his voice to himself. He doesn't speak unless spoken to or unless the need arises. There is nothing wrong with his voice nor with his throat. He just finds no reason to talk. Talking doesn't solve much, and there is only one feline he will willingly speak to. He is silent to protect himself, to keep his secrets and thoughts to himself. What he has to say is on a 'Need to know' basis, and no one needs to know.

With change comes an unhappy Artemis. He likes things how they are, and any random change upsets him. Though he will not show it, he will turn to his friend and brother-like figure for comfort. If someone new comes along, he is skeptical and suspicious of them for a long while before he finally begins to trust them. It takes something big to force his distrust and hate away from him.

If things are not perfect, then Artemis will make them so. Things need to be absolute or else something will go wrong. Perfection is part of the plan. Which plan? This plan, that plan, every single plan that forms in this cat's mind. He loves to come up with plans, whther its a new training schedule, or a hunting path. He finds joy in it, and in making sure everything is in its place. He watches over training during free time, helping those learning to better themselves. He strives for perfection, and makes sure it is so.

Maybe one day Artemis will settle down with a mate and start a family. But for now, he keeps to himself. He knows he is not a pretty cat, his scars ruined his appearance to most she-cats. So he keeps seperate from others. Solo hunts, solo patrols, eating alone. He hate's being around anyone else. THe only exception to this is Howl. If the cat is nearby and in a good mood, Artemis will follow him around like a lost puppy. But left to his own devices, he will disappear on his own.


"My birth was planned, my life after not so much"

Females were kept seperate from males unless there was someone interested in what the breeder had to offer. Purebreds were the only thing this human sold, nothing mixed. It was his pride and joy breed. He was well known as the only breeder of the breed in the area, so he lived well. He sold mainly to the wealthy, and that is who wanted a kitten of his. So a female, Russian's Zena was paired with a male, Russian's Zeus, and they were not separated until the female was ladden with kits. The birth was normal, Russian's Zeus was separated before Russian's Zena went into labor. He would never see his kits. But that's how the cats in the breeders cattery lived, and they were well cared for. He was a professional, knowing if he allowed the males to see the kits, trouble could occur. Zena gave birth to five healthy kittens. They grew up well, each one as strong as the rest. One was claimed from his birth, the other's sold after the fact. The one claimed was requested by a well known man in the town, the head honcho himself. He loved the breed, and he took the kitten as soon as he was weaned. Naming him Artemis, he took great care of him.

"Not all lives continue as happy as they start"

Artemis wore a silk collar, woven blue and silver, well fitted with his pelt. He was his master's favorite, always with him when they moved from room to room. He was on the human's heels everywhere they went, and taken when they left the house. Artemis was happy, and he grew up well. Strong and lively, he made friends easily. The other cat in the household was an elder oriental by the name of Simon. He was aged 15 years, and was nearing the end. Artemis could tell this, as could the old cat himself. But he respected the tom, and was there when he needed help. When Artemis was 6 moons old, Simon passed in his sleep. Artemis had been sleeping with him that night, and his peaceful dreams had become nightmares as the bond he had formed with the elder was severed by death. He awoke to find a cold body where a warm one had been, and he broke. He found his master and for the first time, slept beside him. When his master discovered the young cat, he knew what had happened. He held a small funeral for his loyal feline companion, and then over the next moon, everything in the household was packed up as the family prepared for a move. Around his 7th moon, there was an unrest in the town, and Artemis found himself stranded as his master was struck down in front of him. He had no idea what caused the humans to turn on each other, but he managed to get away, running into the forest nearby to safety.

"I was torn apart, without someone to care for me. I was sure to die"

The young feline had been raised as a kittypet, with no idea how to survive on his own. Simon had spoken of cats who did live in the forest, living alone and growing up strong. But Artemis wasn't one of those. He spent the first four days and nights in a small hollow tree, scared to venture out of his hiding spot. Finally hunger drove him forwards, and he managed to find a half eaten crow that had been left. It stunk of another cat, but he was too hungry to care. Once his hunger had been pushed back a little, he focused more on his situation. The rest of that day he spent looking around, learning scents and basic landmarks. Over the next couple moons he became a real hunter, though he was far from perfect. His kills were messy, his methods sloppy, it was only a matter of time before he was noticed. His presence was first discovered by a she-cat passing through. She stumbled upon the remains of a mouse he had caught. She didn't care so much however, and left him alone. Same happened a few more times, and Artemis was lucky in this sense. It was around his 11th moon when cats began to congregate in the woods. He was forced to move, ending up in a small burrow near the edge of the moors. He didn't feel safe here, out in the open, but it was the only place he could find taht wasn't constantly surrounded by the scent of cats.

"Safety isn't something you can rely on, it can be faked"

It was only a few days until he woke to find himself surrounded by cats. None of them he had ever seen before. They were all scarred, and disgusting looking. A single tom stepped forwards, whom Artemis assumed was the leader. What is such a pretty cat like yourself doing out here? Artemis was disgusted by this tom who hadn't the common sense to realize he was male, and he played along. None of the five cats seemed to recognize his gender, all of them seemingly stupid. So he allowed it. They were all males, all probably starved for the attention of a she-cat. Artemis was tiny compared to them, not yet full grown. When asked his name, he provided a fake one, a feminine name. He became known as Sarae, the small gang's task cat. He was sent to do all the hunting, all the scouting. They used him, but they also protected him. He was saved from a badger by the claws of the same male who curled up to him at night. He hated the touch of the male, but he was cared for, and while the nightly activities were wrong, he allowed it to happen. He needed them, and it was the closest thing to safety he could have. He withdrew into himself, keeping his thoughts silent, his secrets close. He became distant and cold. He was safe for now, but he was scared of what would happen should they find out his true gender, but he need not of worried. That truth was the least of his worries.

"I wasn't expecting it, they broke me in two"

He was only 20 moons when it happened. He had been out hunting and had gathered a good size of prey. A few rats, a rabbit, and a couple birds. He had been practicing hard, making sure his movements were perfect. He was a true feral cat now, everything he did planned and thought out. He had to do such a thing, for he needed to avoid the bands of cats, now called clans. They would kill him in an instant. His hunting was scheduled around the patrols the clans sent out, best paths taken, and proper seperation of territories hunted in. He had never crossed the road, for he was afraid of the automobiles that constantly drove on it. But he hunted in a different territory each day, making sure his scent was never in the same place too often. He was returning with the prey for his friends, if you could call them that, when he was jumped from behind. It's a shame we have to do away with you, you were such a good pet Artemis's eyes went wide. That was Rock, the leader of the gang he served. Do away with him? He tried to wriggle away, but Rock was heavy, and strong. He was pinned as the other four circled him. We never planned to leave you alive. You served your purpose, but we are tired of this place. And we don't want to drag a weak she-cat around with us. Artemis shook his head, yowling out for help. But it was pointless. Claws and teeth ravished his body, digging deep into his flesh as he was torn apart. When the gang was finished with him, they walked away, their claws stained with the young male's blood. They believed him dead. As he should have been.

"He was my savior, the only one who seemed to care"

He lay on the cold unforgiving ground, half hidden by the tall grass around him. The smell of blood and fear hung in the air as he waited for the dark chill of death to come over him. But instead, a shadow fell over the feline, and he watched with dim and unfocused eyes as a large cat loomed over him. He passed out before he could hear or see anymore, and didn't expect to reawaken. But he did, and pain came with this act. He let out a hiss of pain, and instantly that large brown colored pelt was beside him. Be quiet, and don't move. You are pretty badly beaten up, but you'll be fine if you stay still He didn't know why, but he obeyed. Maybe he needed a strong cat in his life. Maybe this cat reminded him of Simon. But he listened, and for the next moon, he did what he was told, slowly recovering under the watchful eye of this strange feline. Once he was able, he was allowed to move around. He soon discovered where he was, and who had saved him. The tom's name was Howard, or Howl for some. They weren't too far from where Artemis had been with the gang. Out of the moors, but not closer to the forested area. Howl told him how he had taken him back to his home and cared for him. He was lucky to be alive. He would be scarred, but no permanent damage was done to his body aside from the scars. Artemis explained himself to the tom, who he was, where he came from, why he was here, and what had happened. The male took it in stride, reacting as he should. He didn't care about the purebred's origins, and offered him a home with him, as part of his own little clan. He called it The Cause and something in his voice, or something he said convinced the male that it was a good idea, so he agreed. Moons went by, and Artemis became attached to the male who had saved his life. He was made his "Right-hand man", given the ranking of Henchman along with another cat called Ollie. He felt close to Howl. He followed him everywhere, doing what he was told, and helping him when needed. It wasn't like how he had been treated in the gang however. There he was hated and used. With Howl, he felt like he belonged. Treated as he wanted to be treated. Only Howl was able to get away with ordering him around, and only Howl had the bond that kept him there. He trusted the male completely. In a strange sort of way, Howard was his new master. He did anything the male told him to do. What had happened since he was lost to the wilderness stayed with him, making him who he is today. But around Howl, and only howl, he allows himself to return just a little bit to his old self, before he lost his human, before Simon passed away. He allowed himself to be happy.



Mother Russian's Zena (Location - Breeders)
Father Russian's Zeus (Location - Breeders)

Irisrose (Oldest) - (Location - Shadowclan | Open for adoption | Alive, Limp in front leg | Spayed)
Sassy (Second Oldest) - (Location - Unknown | Open for adoption | Alive and well | Unspayed)
Princess (Middle) - (Location - Unknown | Open for adoption | Alive and well | Spayed)

Trident (Second youngest) - (Location - Unknown | Open for adoption | Alive, blind in one eye| Infertile)

Random Facts

:bulletblack: Artemis considers Howl his master, and as such, he obeys every command given, regardless of it's intent
:bulletblack: His view on clan cats is neither good nor bad, he is neutral
:bulletblack: Artemis takes his responsibilities very seriously, and does them before he relaxes
:bulletblack: He believes himself to be ugly, so thinks anyone who compliments him is lying
:bulletblack: Unless you have met him before, he appears as a she-cat at first glance
:bulletblack: Artemis is very intelligent, and is not fooled by cons or ploys
:bulletblack: Artemis was neutered as a kitten, hence his ability to pass as a female most times
:bulletblack: Artemis was the youngest of his litter

Sexual Information

Looking for
:bulletred: Lasting relationship
:bulletred: Quick Fling
:bulletgreen: Doesn't Know

Basic Information
Orientation Bi-sexual, No preference
Interest Slight Interest in the concept of mates
Crushes Howl - The Cause
Likes Strong, demanding, brave, smart
Dislikes Weak, submissive, afraid, dumb



Roleplay Sample


Roleplay Details

All Roleplays open


Inspiration to make my first Oriental goes to Kel and my own little asian mixed kitten Athena
TDE (c) *Elesette and ~DawnsComing
Arty and Art (c) *Allizia
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