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March 2, 2013
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-TBT- Koipaw Application Sheet by Allizia -TBT- Koipaw Application Sheet by Allizia

*This application contains mature content. If you are not comfortable with that, please refrain from reading further.*

{ | General Information | }

{ Name }
Koikit | Koipaw | Koi?

{ Gender }
Female | She-cat

{ Age }
6 Moons

{ Rank }
Medicine Cat Apprentice

{ Clan }

{ | Personal Information | }

{ Traits Overview }
| Flirty | Spoiled | Opptimist | Vain | Trampy |

{Traits Explained }

Flirty | Brought on by watching those around her, and through trial and error, Koipaw has discovered her ability to flirt, and she is quite talented at it. She flirts with any and all. She doesn't care about age, gender, or clan. She will flirt just to flirt, and she uses her skill to get what she wants. Most times it works, and her skill increases. She finds no fault in this, and will flirt in all situations.

Spoiled | Given anything she wanted as a kit, she was raised to believe she is entitled to anything and everything she so desires. She refuses to hear the word no, and throws tantrums if she doesn't get her way. She isn't so much self-centered, as she does consider others, as is required of her position, but she does believe she should get her way, at all times.

Opptimist | Koipaw believes the best will come of everything. Perhaps not the best thing to believe when you work as a Medicine Cat, but it is how she is. She will always look at things in a good way, rather than the worst possible outcome. She considers only the good options, and will break down if something bad happens.

Vain | Appearance is everything. Koipaw's fur must be neat, free of tangles nd dust, and so help her if there is a hearb stuck in her pelt. She is very keen on how she looks, and cares about what others think of her. She doesn't care about what they think of her actions, but she must be seen as spotless and clean in the eyes of those around her.

Trampy | The nicest way possible of putting it, Koipaw seeks males out in order to have some 'fun'. She developed this after seeing both her parents and her denmate's mother doing the 'deed' as a kit, believing this is the ultimate form of fun. Having finally experienced the full act, she continues to try to perform it again, eager to see how it is with different cats. She doesn't consider the consequences of these actions, as it was explained to her as being natural, and common.

{ History }

Concieved by the light of the moon
Rainkit and Pinekit were enemies, raised to be so by their very own parents. Pinekit's father, Twistedsoul, hated the leader, Tallstar, and as such, hated his kits. Tallstar disliked Twistedsoul for the rumors that he had spread, about how Tallstar himself forced his way to the position he held.Rainkit, Tallstar's daughter, was very sweet, and wanted to play with the kits in the nursery. But the two were kept seperate, to prevent them from mingling. However, as they grew, and became apprentices together, they discovered their attraction to each other. It started with training sessions together, and in the end, on the day they were made warriors, Pinerush asked Rainsong to be his mate. The she-cat was thrilled, and agreed readily. Twistedsoul hated it, but his own mate, Wildcry, forced him to keep silent, wanting nothing more than her son to be happy. The two young warriors stayed together as often as possible, stealing moments to themselves at any given time. They were wildly in love, so it was no surprise when Rainsong was informed of her pregnancy at only 26 moons. The two didn't want kits, so they did the unthinkable. Rainsong threw herself off a steep height, and managed to kill her unborn kits. She spent a couple moons recovering, but once she was able, the two were back to their old ways, though less often, and only at the rightful time, when they lay down to sleep in the light of the moon above. They were loyal warriors, and earned their places as Senior warriors. Around 40 moons, Rainsong became ladden with kits again. This time, she gazed at her swollen belly with pride, longing to bring new life into this clan. Pinerush was the same, caring for his mate with as much care as possible. two moons later, they welcomed two small lives into their family.

A star joins the sky
Koikit and her brother Salmonkit were small, but strong. They oened their eyes after a week, and from that moment on, were never silent again. Salmonkit lost his blue eyes and gave way to amber eyes, while Koikit kept the blue color. Pinerush and Rainsong were loving parents, and it was terrible with a when they lost Salmonkit to kitten cough when they were 1 moon old. Koikit recovered from the loss, and after that, her parents kept her as happy as they could. Anything she wanted, asked for, or cried about, she recieved. Her parent's weren't too surprisd when they realized their doting was causing Koikit to have a severe lack of friends.

Pinerush and Rainsong were very happy when they discovered that Koikit finally had a friend. Badgerkit, the son of Robinflight, their denmate for the time being, seemed to take a shine to the young she-cat. The two had similar qualities, and they parents were happy to let them be,for it seemed hard for either kit to make friends. Badgerkit and Koikit played together sometimes, but their friendship really was more of a respect for each other. Koikit looked up to Badgerkit for being older, and stronger than her. Koikit put his interest in her due to the fact she looked like his family, and not her own. But truth be told, she didn't care. She liked having a friend.

Koikit was spoiled, and as such, slept with her mother every night, and it was this way that she was first introduced to the very adult action of showing love. Pinerush and Rainsong never could seem to get enough, and late one night, Koikit witnessed this act. The parents realized this the next day, when a very confused kit questioned them about their actions. They responded sheepishly, but told the truth. That their actions were something cats did when they were in love, and to create new life. Koikit was confused still, but accepted the answer. This changed when she withnessed another pair of cats doing this, a queen in the nursery with her and her mother, but not with the father of the queens kits. She questioned Rainsong once more and recieved another truthful answer. That the action wasn't solely for mates, any cat could do it. It was a good way to relieve stress, and though it was dishonorable to do it with a cat other than your mte, it wasn't unheard of. Pinerush, jokingly, added onto that statement. "It's quite fun as well, heh" Koikit pretended not to hear that, but it never left her mind, confusion still holding tight.

The truth revealed, a bond formed
When she was almost 4 moons old, Badgerpaw, who had just become an apprentice, took her out of the camp for the first time in the she-cat's life. They snuck out, as it was dark, and Koikit stuck close to the apprentice. She wasn't scared, but she did have no idea where they were. They settled into a clearing, and Badgerpaw began explaining to her what her parents had failed to get her to understand. He told her how felines of all ages liked to seek each others precence for simple pleasue. How it wasn't uncommon for cats to do it with more thn one. She learned from this young tom that it was a great way to relieve stress, and that night, after they finished talking, Koikit felt like her bond with her kithood friend was going to be there forever.

Over the next couple moons, as Badgerpaw lost his first mentor and gained another, Koikit was there for him. She didnt doubt him for a second, and it was there when she began to fake feelings and tell fibs. And it was around her 5th moon that her skill in it really blossumed. She stuck up for her friend when a few warriors were suspicious, and informed them of how the old cat had been tripping all over the place earlier that day. The feelings she put into her words were so believing that most of those suspicious were turned, now believing the small little kit. It helped that Koikit had shown them her tail, which had been 'stepped' on my the old tom as he scrambled to get to his paws the day of his death. In truth, everytime a cat touched it, Koikit had faked a cry of pain. Dosed with Poppy seeds that night to help her 'sleep past the pain' she had told Badgerpaw when he came to visit her the truth. This only strengthened their bond. She was soon back in the nursery with her mother, and she began to perfect her skills.

As the day of her apprentice ceremony started to come near, her parents were slightly horrified to see how their ittle girl was acting. But they could do nothing to fix her behavior, as now she was 6 moons, and about to be apprenticed. Koikit had never shown any interest in herbs, but asked at the last moment to become the apprentice to the medicine cat. Her reasoning was simple. She hated scars, wounds, anything that would make a cat less appealing. She aimed to make sure that the cats of Windclan were never graced with such a disfiguration. A terrible reason for sure, but at least her heart was put fully into her position. Pinerush saw this as an opportunity to correct their daughter's behavior, so made sure Koikit's request was granted. This deepened her traits, and the next day, she touched noses with Nightrraven, the medicine cat of Windclan, and took her spot as his apprentice.

The people you can meet
The first moon of her apprentice ship was amazingly eventful. Koipaw meet up with loads of new faces. Skyclan, Thunderclan, Shadowclan, and Riverclan cats all learned and met this apprentice. Her first meeting with a cat outside her clan was Stagheart, a Skyclan warrior. Admiring his pelt, she convinced him she was under attack, and he escorted her back to camp. Later that day, she told Badgerpaw all about her meeting with the elegant tom. Badgerpaw expressed a desire to meet him as well, and the night ended in a way neither saw coming. They made the most of their friendship, and Koipaw learne for the first time what mating really was.

After that, during one of her solo outings, Koipaw was attacked by a rogue who had caught her scent. Taken against her will, she feared for her life until an apprentice of her own clan came and saved her from the foul fiend. She was taken back to camp where she recovered, and a new bond was made, this one of a non sexual origin. After recovering, she rejoined Badgerpaw and Fishpaw, who had become friends over their like care for the small she-cat. She later met Aspenwind, an innocent Riverclan warrior who caught her interest. She convinced him, and taught him things about life he didn't know before.

She was still not 7 moons when she ran into Softpaw, the Thunderclan Medicine cat apprentice. Koipaw was full of confusion, for this she-cat caused her the same feelings that males tended to cause in the feline. A moment of emotions later, during which Koipaw revealed her true feelings for the first time in a long time, Koipaw was left bleeding on her cheek, but with a new, unlikely friend. She still meets cats by the borders, enjoying her time as an apprentice, constantly sneaking into the apprentice den to sleep with her friends. She knows she will one day have to step up, but for now, her mentor is very healthy, and it wont be anytime soon.

{ | Bloodlines | }

{ Parents }
*Family will be updated when Tallstar's Revenge comes out in October*
Mother | Rainsong
Father | Pinerush

{ Grandparents }

Mother's Side
Grandfather | Tallstar
Grandmother |Unknown

Father's Side
Grandfather | Twistedsoul
Grandmother | Wildcry

{ | Interestingl Information | }

{ Sexual }
Sexual Preference - Bi-sexual, Males preferred. *Softpaw is her only female crush currently*
Sexual Age - Mentally, she is ready to become an adult, but physically, she is still just a child
Interested in - Males, Strong. Green eyes preferred. Brains and brawn. Kind, yet gullible, and willing to have some fun
Sensitive Spots - Neck - Very sensitive. Can make her go limp
Experience - She knows how to make a male happy, how to make herself happy, and the basics of the act of mating.

{ Extra Facts }
Fears - Spiders, pinecones, fire, large birds, Storms
Likes - Swimming, fish, herbs, flowers, kits
Dislikes - Honey/Sap, dirty moss, leaf scraps, loud noises, crowds

{ Small Quirks }
-> Koipaw is obsessed with appearances. If a cat has a physical deformity, be it a missing eye, ear, or even a small scar, she is much less liekely to chase that cat. She believes that if something isn't perfect, it wont be worth the chase.
-> Koipaw is very good at mimicing emotions, and faking actions to get her way. She will do anything to get what she wants, and has perfected almost all emotions aside from guilt. She isn't good at guilt, and her lies there can be seen easily. Her other fake emotions are almost impossible to see through.
-> Koipaw is very good at reading a cat and learning something about them that she can use. If your cat is prideful, or a scaredy cat, expect her to figure it out within a few moments of talking to them, or sometimes even just watching them.
-> Unknown factor to most cats- Koipaw likes pain. It makes her feel good. It hurts, but in a good way.
-> Any fur that looks beautiul, soft, thick, or really, perfect, Koipaw wants to touch. If there is dirt, or something hampering the pelt of a cat, she fels inclined to clean it. She can't help it. She has been caught more than once staring at a feline's pelt, just because they had a scrap of moss stuck in it.
--> Koipaw has a stash of cinammon and leeks hidden away. These are two naturally growing plants that can act as an aphrodisiac when taken properly. She learned about this from a loner she had an interesting talk with, who gave her the supply, as well as told her where to find them. Kept secret from everyone, even her friends.

{ | Relationships | }

Relationships will be kept track of here

{ | Rp/Plot Information | }

{ | Roleplay Sample | }
*Bit different than how I normally rp, due to including the tom's actions and words as well*

Koipaw smiled, walking beside the apprentice she had tricked into meeting up with her in the tall grass just on the border of Windclan. She purred, rubbing her cheek against his, and let her fluffy tail rest on his back. "What's wrong, Blackpaw?" She asked the jet black tom cat. She smiled sweetly at his shy smile.

"Just worried, what if someone catches us?"

She licked his chest slightly, her purr still coming from deep in her body. "Don't worry, Blackpaw. No one knows we are out here. They can't disturb us." Her smile stayed on her face as she rubbed her face in the tom's thick fur, feeling his tail as he ran it down her spine. She nipped at his flank gently, and squeaked softly as he pushed her down, licking at her side. She closed her eyes, but they shot open as she heard the sound of pawsteps.


She shot up to a sitting position, and the two apprentices stared in horror as the black and white cat came into view. "N-nightraven!"

{ | Credits | }

#The-Blue-Tides (c) *Whitelinxanimator500
Art & Koipaw (c) *Allizia

Note: I neither approve nor deny abortion. I believe in womens choice. What is stated in her history is just to go along with her story
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