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May 19, 2013
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-OMtG- Bloompaw Application by Allizia -OMtG- Bloompaw Application by Allizia
For :iconone-moon-to-go:

Common Knowledge

Previous Names
She-cat | Female
6 Moons (Known as being 9 moons)
Mixture (See below for breakdown)
Original Clan
Mother: Silversnow (Rainclan)
Father: Redheart (Wailclan)

Character Concept


{ | Skittish | Caring | Innocent | Good Girl | Eager Beaver | Happy |

Bloompaw has a habit of jumping at every noise, touch of her tail, brush of her fur, and even at the very howl of wind through trees. She developed this after Rainclan fell, and she isn't entirely sure why it happens. She isn't able to control herself, nor can she work on making this not happen. She automatically has a mini panic attack when spooked, and is very easily spooked. Permission is given to prank and scare her because of this

As young as she is, she has a very sweet nature. She doesn't want to see anyone hurt, she doesn't want to hurt anyone. Should she see someone hurt or in need, no matter what boundaries there are, she will still try to help them. She cares for all animals, and while she hunts and fights because its what she has to do, when left alone, she would rather make friends with the birds and mice because to her, they are very cute and lovable.

She doesn't know heartbreak, she doesn't know true terror. When Rainclan fell, she was too young to really be affected by it for her mother protected her. She has a very innocent mind, and never see's anything perverted or anything. She will always see the good in people, and should she be flirted with, she would be happy to be appreciate. She also wouldn't notice if she was flirting back.

{Good Girl}
A big ol' goody goody two shoes, Bloompaw will rarely break the rules, will never go behind someones back, and will never disobey her elders. She has a mind set that she has to do everything right to prove herself, for she is supposed to be older than she is, so she has to act mature.

{Eager Beaver}
She wants to please everyone. Be it fetching prey or getting a tick, she will do whatever is asked of her if it means the one asking will be happy. She has broken rules before just to appease her friends, but regretted it, and always came clean about it to her mentor. She wants to learn, and she wants to please.

She will rarely be anything but happy. She looks on the bright side of everything, and she always smiles. She has a very positive attitude, and it tends to sometimes annoy others. (Short trait haha)


:bulletyellow: Key points

It begins before her time

Back when all four clans still lived happily, Flashclan, Rainclan, Brineclan and Wailclan, there was a female warrior from Rainclan, and a male from Wailclan. Silversnow was a senior warrior at this point, having proven her loyalty and skills time and time again. She was only 28 Moons old, and already, she had trained two apprentice, both were were wonderful warriors now. She was your ideal warrior, and she was a sho in to be the next deputy should anything terrible happen to their leader, starclan forbid. In Wailclan, a tom cat was known as the jokester, the terrible warrior. He hadn't been given his warrior name until three moons after his littermates, because he never stopped joking around. It was only after an accident that he caused that he cooled off a little. Now Redheart was 31 moons, and still held the title of jokester, though he was still one of the stronger warriors in the clan. One day, a Wailclan patrol met up with a Rainclan border patrol, and a fight ensued. Many were wounded, and in the end, Silversnow held Redheart down by the throat, able to deliver a killing blow should she choose. The fight was broken up then, and the two clans seperated. A couple days later, there was another encounter of this kind, once more ending with Silversnow holding Redheart down. No one really knows what happened between the two over the next couple moons, but at the beginning of Leaf-bare, Redheart left Wailclan to join Silversnow, who was pregnant with his kits. The warrior's pregnancy was normal, and after two months, four kits suckled as she lay in the nursery.

:bulletyellow: Silversnow a warrior from Rainclan fought Redheart a warrior from Wailclan
:bulletyellow: Redheart joins Rainclan to be with his mate
:bulletyellow: Four kits are born, half-clan blood

Bloomkit, Icekit, Hopekit, and Cinderkit were the four she-kits that were the newest additions to Rainclan. They were innocent lives, untainted by hate or harsh thoughts. Yet that's how they were viewed for the first two moons of their lives. Around the beginning of newleaf, word got out that Flashclan was in trouble, and that the other clans were next. Silversnow protected her kit's from the news and all the harsh things going on as best as she could. The kits were normal kittens, living in a clan. Nothing could touch them, nothing could dampen their happiness. All four were playing in the camp clearing one day when their father came in to camp, passing them and heading straight for their mother. Bloomkit was curious, so snuck up and listened in while her siblings kept playing warriors and rogues. Overhearing her father say he was heading to Wailclan, shetried to convince him otherwise. Play with us daddy! Don't leave us. He just laughed and promised to come back that night. After he left, the clans were hit with a blizzard unlike one they had seen before. Over the next few days, there were cats missing all over the place, lost in the storm. Silversnow hoped that was where Redheart was, and that he would return after the blizzard. Then news came of something terrible. Wailclan was gone, wiped out by a large wave of snow. No survivors. Redheart had last been seen heading into Wailclan territory, so the truth hit the family hard. As the blizzard kept going, all of Silversnow's kits but Bloomkit passed away due to getting sick. Bloomkit fell ill as well, but she was strong, and she pulled through. She was 4 moons when the leader of Rainclan perished. Everything fell apart, and Silversnow tried to protect Bloomkit while they fought to survive without a clan leader. Rainclan disapaited, things were messed up. Hearing that Brineclan was taking in survivors, Silversnow tried to head that way.

:bulletyellow: Redheart goes to Wailclan to visit, never returns
:bulletyellow: bloomkit loses her siblings to greencough/kitcough
:bulletyellow: Rainclan falls apart, and Silversnow and Bloomkit head for Brineclan

Silversnow and Bloomkit joined up with Brineclan right after Bloomkit became 5 moons old. Silversnow wanted her kit to survive, and so they lied when asked. Bloomkit was introduced as being Bloompaw, an 8 moon old apprentice, the runt of her litter. The story was told that due to the blizzard, her training hadn't gone well, so she still needed to learn a lot. With no one else from Rainclan around, the truth wasn't known, and so the word of her mother was taken, and she was an apprentice.After the clan began picking up other cats, and they moved to a new location, things began to look up. Silversnow returned to her role as a warrior, though no longer was she a senior warrior. There was no need for those right now, not while the clan was s till trying to survive. Bloompaw was given a mentor, and while she held her secret close to her heart, she didn't see the reason to lie. What difference did three moons make? She was unlucky, for she was already the runt of the apprentices, due to her lie about her age. Her lie ate her up, but she promised her mother to keep her mouth shut. She worked hard to be the best apprentice over the next moon, and made friends.

:bulletyellow: Silversnow and Bloomkit join Brineclan
:bulletyellow: Bloomkit's age is lied about, and she becomes Bloompaw at 5 moons, believed to be 8 moons

More to come with age



{Mother} Silversnow | NPC Warrior | Rainclan
{Father} Redheart | Deceased | Wailclan

{ Cinderkit, Hopekit, Icekit } | All Deceased | Rainclan

{ Too Young }

Random Facts

:bulletred: Bloompaw is really small compared to other apprentices, due to the truth about her age
:bulletred: Bloompaw is known as a 9 moon apprentice, rather than the 6 moons she really is
:bulletred: Bloomkit's growth isn't complete, and as such, she hurts herself quite a bit trying to perform moves that are out of her age group.

Sexual Information

Looking for
✘ Lasting relationship
✘ Quick Fling
✔ Doesn't Know

{Orientation} Straight
{Likes} Too Young to Know
{Dislikes} Rudeness, Know-it-alls

{Current Attractions} None; Only Crushed may be started, no full n love life until she is older

{Sexual Activity}
None - Too Young



Roleplay Sample

Bloompaw, watch your paws. You should be able to make the landing, keep your eye on the target

The small she-cat flattened her ears, her claws digging into the dirt at her paws. She was trying! Her mentor wanted her to practice her battle moves against a fellow apprentice. The only problem is that her opponent was over 3 moons older than her. They were fully grown, she was still developing the muscles needed to perform these complicated motions. She tried once more, bunching her legs underneath her before launching herself forwards. Paws outstretched, she aimed a well placed swipe for her opponent's ears before ducking and backing away. That was not, however, how it went down. The apprentice across from her moved, and headbutted her stomach as she went past, causing the young cat to topple over onto her side.

Ouch! She let out a soft whimper, getting to her paws. A front paw was held off the ground just slightly, pain flaring should she try to put weight on it. Her mentor sighed, and escorted his apprentice out of the training area to nurse her twisted paw.

Roleplay Details

FORUM Non Existant
CHATS Find me there, and Sure
SKYPE Add me: Dawnstarxx Be sure to include your dA username


Art & Design by *Allizia
OMtG (c) ~pandaroo
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