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December 14, 2012
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-CotN Adopts- CLOSED by Allizia -CotN Adopts- CLOSED by Allizia
These adopts have two options.
You may either buy them for whatever, or adopt them to use for #Clansofthenorth Pineclan.
For those adopting for the group, they are free. However, they are NOT first come first serve. They require an 'application' of kind.

| 1 2 |
| 3 4 5|

1. Taken
2. Taken
3. Taken
4. Taken
5. Taken

If you wish to purchase them with points, write 'Itty Bitty Kitty Committee' in your comment. This is so I can tell the two apart. XD
To apply to adopt them, you must fill out the form below. I will let you know if it passes for adoption.


Oakstar, leader of Pineclan, HATES outsiders and Rogues. No outsiders will be accepted, period ^^;

No evil cats. :/ I shouldn't have to put that but you would be surprised XD

Name |
Ages |
Rank |
Brief Personality | (Nice, social, cautious, etc)
Brief History | (Describe any events in their life so far, parents, etc)
Rp Sample | (We are a semi lit group)

I know its tedious, but I really need warriors for my group, so Im opening this up.
The group is closing in 2 days, so if you are accepted, get the written part up and submit that. Make sure to write that I said to submit it without the picture. Link to this so its know which cat you got x3
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NinjaCheetah Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Omg I've been searching for this for ages. I had no idea that you had done these XD I'd just like to say that, since I'm no longer in the group, I don't need 3 any more, so you can open it up again if you want ^^
mima139 Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2013  Student Artisan Crafter
1 &5 plz
lndi Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
May adopt 5? Or are they all taken?
Nightyblaze Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2012
;^; I wish I hadn't been banned from my laptop... then I could have adopted -sobsob-
Allizia Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2012  Student Digital Artist
None are left! all were adopted foe pineclan! I hope to see applications from you guys soon!
mxrvel Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Why would you do this to me I've been looking at CotN for ages trying to resist aaa there goes my willpower-

Name | Falconfrost
Ages | 16 moons
Rank | Warrior

Brief Personality | He's usually stoic unless he's with only a small group, and often unamused and calm. He puts on a show of being unafraid of anything, though he really has fears like any cat does. He'll try to act superior until he's put in his place, then he'll sulk, and scoff at anything anyone says to him and continue telling them he's right and they're wrong.

Brief History | As a kit, Falconkit would always bully his younger brother, Cloudkit, for every tiny thing, and his mother would always pretend not to notice. His parents grew apart after the kits were born and chose not to stay together as mates, so he was mostly brought up by his mother. Falconkit didn't hate his brother, he didn't even know he was being mean to him, until one day his mother got sick of letting it slide and set him straight, and made him apologise sincerely to Cloudkit. It took a while but Falconkit was eventually forgiven and they were very close after that. As an apprentice, Falconpaw was never very popular and only really had his brother as a friend, but he pretended it didn't bother him and made play he was perfectly happy. When all the apprentices were training together, one of them said something about Cloudpaw that was insulting, and a few others joined in; Falconpaw, searching for a way to be popular, also started insulting his brother again along with the others. Cloudpaw obviously felt betrayed and upset and ran away, and when Falconpaw went to find him and apologise later, he was nowhere to be found. To this day, as a warrior, Falconfrost still feels guilty and is convinced it was his fault his brother disappeared. (Believe it or not, I will be able to expand this if I get him, but I wanted to make sure I was putting enough effort into it LOL)

Rp Sample | Falconfrost walked alone through the undergrowth of the territory, taking the long way back from a patrol. He stepped through a small bramble patch and winced slightly as it tugged at his fur, uncomfortable but not painful. He was tired and his eyes were trying to close without his permission, so he shook his head sharply to ward off the tiredness. He didn't realise how much he was lacking in alertness until a rumble of thunder overhead caused his eyes to fly open and his ears to perk up tall. The fur along his spine began to rise as everything around him was illuminated with a brief, silent flash of lightning. Falconfrost blinked in surprise as a raindrop landed on his nose, then more on his head and back until it was nearly pouring down. He groaned out loud and started running, now eager to get back to camp and out of the rain.
Allizia Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Oh wow. this is amazing o.o I don't believe there is a Fallon in the clan so on that note you can totally have him xD
mxrvel Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
LOL I think I went overboard oops
Yay thank you <3 I will get started on his ref right away c:
Allizia Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Yay can't wait!
Allizia Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Only four is left
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