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August 16, 2011
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Bonestar by Allizia Bonestar by Allizia
Name : Bonestar
Gender : Tom
Age : 53 Moons (4 years, 5 months)
Clan : Willowclan
Rank : Leader
Crush : N/A
Mate : N/A
Kit : N/A
Kin : Morningwind/Stormrain, Barkrun, Roseclaw, Applefrost. (All Deseased)
History : Born into Willowclan, in a litter of 4, his markings scared his parents. Morningwind and Stormrain, his mother and father, thought of him as a curse to the clan. He was branded an outcast as soon as he was given the name of a rogue that had killed a few cats years ago. Bonekit grew up separate from his littermates. Rosekit and Applekit, his sisters, and Barkkit, his brother, hated him as soon as the elders told the tale of "The Run of Bone" The murderous rogue that struck down cat after cat. Alone from his birth, he grew distant from his clanmates. He subconciously worked hard to prove himself. When he gained a mentor, and his name changed to Bonepaw, he was physically able to prove himself. He trained long and hard, and when there was free time, he would go for runs. As he grew, instead of being appreciated, his clanmates seemed even more wary of him. The stronger he got, the more he was feared. The only cat who had any faith in him was his own mentor, the deputy himself, Mouseheart. He grew to a full warrior, Bonescar, and he hated the name. He felt like he was alone in the world. The leader had been hit most by the rogue cat, and had named him after the scar that remained on his heart from the loss of two of his very own kits. Bonescar lived a lonely life. None of the she-cats in the clan even looked at him. His siblings quickly found mates and started families. As the moons turned into seasons, the leader lost his last life. That night, Mouseheart traveled to the Starwaters and became Mousestar. By the time she returned, it was sunhigh. Due to the warrior code, she knew she had to pick a deputy. That day, Bonescar was hunting on his own, as usual, and had met up with her on the way back. He had just lost his apprentice, Wheatpaw, now Wheatstreak. As Mousestar took her perch, addressing her clan for the first time, her eyes rested on the tom. Bonescar watched with a heavy heart as the new leader named her deputy.
"I say these words under Starpelt, so that starclan may hear and approve my choice. Bonescar will be the new deputy of Willowclan."
The tom was frozen as his clanmates stared at him. Mousestar went on to explain how no cat should be marked by something in the past. As Bonescar finally came out of his shock, what he heard next caused his heart to break.
"I call upon my warrior ancestors to take away the name of this cat. For it now longer stands for who he is. Bonescar, from now on, you shall be known as Boneshine. I pray you give new life to the name you have borne your entire life."
Boneshine almost cried out in happiness. His clanmates, for the first time ever, spoke his name in a tone other than hatred. His parents had passed by then, and his littermates were suspicious as he stood, accepting his new position. More moons passed. His sisters were killed in a battle with foxes, and his brother ran off to be with a loner. During a particularly bad fight, Mousestar lost two lives. In confidence, she informed Boneshine she was on her last life. He kept it a secret, and a moon later, she got greencough, and passed. The tom traveled and was given his lives. As he returned, he found himself scared of the clans reactions. As Bonestar took the leaders perch for the first time, his fears were pushed aside by the cries of his name, and the smiles on the faces of the cats below him. There were a few frowns, but they were drowned out by the happiness he felt. He still held the scars of his upbringing, but he wanted to earn the trust of the rest of the clan, and he was determined.
Personality : Cautious by nature, he grew up an outcast. By understanding, he is always supicious of everyone. Call it paranoia, call it stupidity, he continuously believed that all the cats in his clan were out to get him. He thought they faked their happiness. He usually kept this fear hidden, even faking happiness around others. But given a reason, be it a trespasser, disloyalty, or even someone misbehaving, he would snap. He carried a large temper with a short fuse. The explosion of anger and paranoia usually depended on the nature of the cause. Aside from his "episodes" he appeared a solid leader, strong, persuasive, and caring.
Appearance : Dark grey, almost black tom with long fur on his chest and belly, this tom had strong muscles. Long legs ended in white paws. A white tipped tail was the final point of a strange pattern. Along this toms back, starting from his nose, were odd black spots. The pattern formed was the same as the spine of most animals. his ears were dipped in the same white, and around his neck were what looked like the bones in a long clawed animals paw. His eyes were almost a icey blue, and his front right paw had a single white spot near the back of it. His paw pads were a dark pink color, and rough.
Role-Played By: *Allizia

Art (C) Me :D
Spinestar (C) ME
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warriorwolf12345 Jan 29, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
If it's ok with you, may I use your clan in a comic? You can help me make it if you want.
warriorwolf12345 Jan 29, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
- nightrush of cloudyclan ( my clan ) is stalkiing pray when she sees bonestar - Nightrush: H-hi there, w-what's your name? I-i'm Nightrush. - blushes - I-I should get back to my clan... When can I see you again?
Sparrow-puff Aug 17, 2011  Student Digital Artist
I love those lines, and the markings around his neck is devine ^^ I just love him XD
I wish you best of luck with getting in ^^
Allizia Aug 17, 2011  Student Digital Artist
tghanks ^^


Shy wants forbidden loooooove LOL
Allizia Aug 16, 2011  Student Digital Artist

Working on his app too. I hope im not to olate to apply, I spent awhile on him XD
Its alright, hard work is definately needed. :nod:

Can't wait to see his bio!
Allizia Aug 16, 2011  Student Digital Artist
I will have it done by tomorrow XD
whitelinx500 Aug 16, 2011  Hobbyist Filmographer
omg hes gorgeous D:
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